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    Does anyone know if being in voluntary detox will be a cause for denial. I've never been in a "treatment program". I wasn't court ordered. Will this make a difference?
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    Assuming you are older than 21 years of age and otherwise not prohibited by OCGA 16-11-129, you should be okay.

    O.C.G.A. § 16-11-129 Weapons carry license; temporary renewal permit; mandamus; verification of license
    (J) Except as provided for in subsection (b.1) of this Code section, any person who has been hospitalized as an inpatient in any mental hospital or alcohol or drug treatment center within the five years immediately preceding the application. The judge of the probate court may require any applicant to sign a waiver authorizing any mental hospital or treatment center to inform the judge whether or not the applicant has been an inpatient in any such facility in the last five years and authorizing the superintendent of such facility to make to the judge a recommendation regarding whether the applicant is a threat to the safety of others and whether a license to carry a weapon should be issued. When such a waiver is required by the judge, the applicant shall pay a fee of $3.00 for reimbursement of the cost of making such a report by the mental health hospital, alcohol or drug treatment center, or the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities, which the judge shall remit to the hospital, center, or department. The judge shall keep any such hospitalization or treatment information confidential. It shall be at the discretion of the judge, considering the circumstances surrounding the hospitalization and the recommendation of the superintendent of the hospital or treatment center where the individual was a patient, to issue the weapons carry license or renewal license.

    Whether or not "any mental hospital or alcohol or drug treatment center" is the same as the definition in OGCA 37-1-1* is probably immaterial as you were not hospitalized as an inpatient.

    *"State mental health facility" means, for purposes of this title and Title 31, a hospital, inpatient unit, or other institution operated by or under contract with the department for its operation, including the replacement or reorganization of the facility.
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    A question will come up on the Georgia Weapons Carry License Application
    16. Have you ever been ordered to receive inpatient or outpatient treatment at any treatment facility, mental health center, hospital, sanitarium, clinic or program for a mental condition, drug abuse, or alcohol abuse, by any court, board, or other authority in any civil, criminal or administrative proceeding? (If yes, attach a copy of the order).