Red Cross: Anti-Carry

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  1. Phil1979

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    I've given blood to the Red Cross in the past while openly armed with my holstered pistol with no issues.

    However, today I was told they would not accept blood from me unless I put my gun in the car. It was a public building, and the City Manager told them they didn't have a policy banning guns, so you'd think it would be okie-dokie, right? Nope.

    Only police officers could donate while armed.

    I've submitted an article to Ammoland News. I'll post the link here if it's accepted.

    In the meantime, I learned today that follows state law, and that I would be welcome to give blood without having to disarm. I was clear with them about my manner of carry. I'll be donating to them again. I was CC at other times with LifeSouth, only because I had not yet researched their policy.
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  2. gunsmoker

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    Red Cross used to think that giving blood was likely to make you dizzy or lightheaded-- even pass out!

    Perhaps the Red Cross was just being cautious to avoid the situation where you no longer had full control of your mental or physical faculties, and were temporarily an unacceptable safety risk for being armed.

    Just a guess.
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  3. moe mensale

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    Or maybe they're just anti gun.
  4. moe mensale

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    Because they and only they can maintain full control of their faculties - and guns - after giving blood?

    Go back while concealed carrying and donate. When your done and they give you big hugs and kisses for your selfishness selflessness, tell them the truth and see how they react.
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  5. Dan

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    I think I gave blood to Red Cross @ GA Firing Line once.
  6. AzB

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    Lifesouth 3 times a year for me. Never had an issue, armed every time.
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