Record number of guns confiscated at Atlanta airport in May

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  1. phantoms

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    A record-breaking number of guns was confiscated at Atlanta's airport last month.

    Transportation Security Administration spokesman Mark Howell said 30 guns were found at security checkpoints at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in May, more than previously discovered at a single airport nationwide in a single month.

    When a gun is discovered, TSA calls in the Atlanta Police Department to take over. Howell said "80 to 90 percent of the time, the gun is loaded."
  2. Glockenator

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    Thing is, the people getting busted aren't terrorist hijackers.

    1) Those people getting busted are either absent-minded, or just plain idiots. Maybe they forgot about their gun being in their bag. Maybe because they are over 40 and losing their mind like everyone over 40 is doing. Maybe they just have a great deal of things on their mind and simply forgot. Maybe they are unaware that guns in checked baggage must be declared. Or the most likely - maybe they are just plain stupid.

    2) Only an incredibly, as in massively stupid person thinks they are going to just board a plane with gun that is accessible to them.

    3) 99.999% - 100% of them have absolutely no intention of using that gun during the flight. Because of that, the gun being loaded or not is pretty much irrelevant.

    But those in favor of huge government think this is just TSA keeping us all safe.

  3. moe mensale

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    While 30 guns may be a TSA record, considering there were some 4.5 million passengers boarding (doesn't include those deplaning), that number is statistically insignificant. How many articles have been written on test groups getting contraband items (including guns) past TSA security on a regular basis?

    TSA - keeping us "safe" since 2001. Thanks W.
  4. RedDawnTheMusical

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    Well, what good is it if it isn't loaded?

    Seriously - how do people not check their baggage for a firearm? In the grand scheme of things, 30 people out of the massive number of passengers that go through ATL is a minuscule percentage, but if they are negligent enough to leave a firearm in their carry-on, are they dumb enough to reach around in the carry on and pull the trigger, causing a negligent discharge, while on the plane?
  5. Glockenator

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    You do have a point there. Never underestimate the power of stupidity.

    My point about loaded being irrelevant was a dig at the reporters, who seem to assume that because a gun was loaded, the intent to use it was nefarious.
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    some criminals, and some law abiding citizens who are not serious gun owners, do carry unloaded guns. They think that just showing the gun will scare the bad guy off, and there's no need to have live ammunition in it.

    Many more people carry semi autos with the chamber empty.

    Some people, some casual gun owners, carry guns that have a partially loaded mag or cylinder. Three rounds in an 8-shot 9mm pistol. Two loaded cartidges and three fired cases in that snubby revolver.

    People are stupid .
    And that includes plenty of ignorant gun owners who do not take owning a firearm seriously --- they don't learn about firearms, don't practice with firearms, and just figure by owning one somehow they're safer.
  7. Glockenator

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    What I was getting at, but didn't state clearly, was that those 30 guns confiscated were not from terrorists: Just absent-minded or really stupid people.

    And my comment about people over 40 losing their minds was from personal experience. At 52, I couldn't tell how many extra hand tools I have, because I laid one down, forgot where, searched for it to no avail, and ended up buying a replacement. And sometimes I walk around searching for what is in my hand or shirt pocket. There is a chance TSA could confiscate a pocket knife from me that I innocently forgot. But that would never happen with one of my guns.

    I told my wife if I ever become one of those people who walk around inside a store wearing sunglasses, that I hope she pushes me off of a cliff. Because my mind would be completely gone by that point and I wouldn't even recognize it. In other words, people who walk around inside stores wearing sunglasses should NOT be carrying guns. :mrgreen:
  8. GoDores

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    The TSA is the worst and most useless agency in the entire federal government. I’d let them double the size of the IRS if they’d eliminate TSA.

    It became permanently impossible to hijack an airliner at about 9:30AM on 9/11/2001. The only thing terrorists could do is to try and sneak a bomb on board. So let the airlines hire private companies to automatically scan all passengers and baggage for explosives. Everything else doesn’t matter. Let passengers carry guns, knives, 3.5oz shampoo bottles, whatever. There would be either no change or a slight positive change in overall safety, and a large negative change in the amount of pornographic pictures taken and/or molestation committed by government agents.