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Recommendations: Mag holster-1911 / Ankle Holster-KelTec P32

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1911 - mag holster:
What are y'all using?
Single or double?
I kind of want a single but I can definitely see the benefits of a double mag holster. I think I want something that I can carry IWB or OWB (like maybe something w/ a clip?).....I don't really care too much about the material because I have several different doesn't matter if it matches because I CC anyway.

KelTec -
I have never worn an ankle holster before but this pistol is so light I think it could work for me....any recommendations here?

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I have several mag pouches for my 1911's and they are all single (I've never tried a double) with belt slots.

I've shot the KelTec .380 & was not overly impressed (just too small). But in an up close situation, it would get the job done.

My son uses one for his BU with ankle carry and loves it.

And I understand their Customer Service is great.
I'm a huge fan of the Safariland #074 single paddle mag pouch. It is kydex covered with fake leather, it is adjustable, it is easy to put on, it looks nice, and it is cheap. To paraphrase Henry Ford, it comes in any color as long as its black.
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When I'm CC'in one of my 1911s, I use this for night time carry: ... 3&GunID=28

And one of these for day time carry: ... 3&GunID=28

They're easy to change out quickly and secure on the belt. 8)
I'm a big fan of Comp-Tac's mag pouches. They're kydex OWB, but still ride close to the body and don't stick way out. Plus, they use clips so you can slide them on and off very easily. If you want more ability to conceal, I've read they now offer Minotaur mag pouches that I think are IWB.

If you are in the market for leather with your own twist/design, I can't recommend Zookeper enough.
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