Recommendations for good concealed carry weapon?

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by GFLinTX, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. GFLinTX

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    A little background:
    -As the name says, got my GFL and live in TX (no OC allowed- I prefer the tactical advantage of CC anyway, but that's another topic)
    -Have a Glock 19 and a Springfield 1911 (both awesome firearms)
    -Alternate carrying both of them when I'm not venturing onto post

    Now, for my next weapon, I want to get something that conceals really well. Something that doesn't print as much, especially when I'm wearing light warm-weather shirts (yeah, I know it's going into winter, so sue me :shattered: ), and something that just doesn't have such an obvious presence on my hip.

    I want to combine decent stopping power with a small frame, basically. One weapon that has attracted my interest is the Walther PPK. I went to a local store today and found one for what I believe is a good price ($600, whereas Walther's website sells them for $686). The guys there spoke quite highly of it, saying it had great accuracy. Sadly, the store did not have an in-house range, and the gun club I'm a member at on post doesn't do rentals. So I can't test it out. :(

    Anyone got reviews on the PPK? I saw an avatar of the Walther logo with it earlier so I know the brand has at least one fan here. And if not the PPK or a Walther, any other suggestions that would fit my needs? Thanks, guys.

    And the military has given me solid training on how to use firearms and practice proper safety, but I'm still admittedly a little ignorant on the buying side. What different calibers are best for, what brands are the best at what, so I figure this forum is a good place to help with my ignorance.
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    Honestly I would go with a G26 or an M&P 9c and a good quality holster. Also your 1911 would be very concealable with a good holster like a Comp Tac M-Tac. It doesn't have to be a mouse gun to be easily concealable, that is more dependent on your dress and holster.

  3. martin_j001

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    In line with the recommendations above (good ones at that) is the Ruger SR9c as well--all double stack 9mm's that are relatively small in size. I have never been able to shoot or even hold a Glock 26 all that comfortably, but the Ruger SR9c fit my hand much better...obviously YMMV. I can also second the recommendation of a good concealment holster being almost just as important as the gun itself. Comp-Tac's MTAC is a great example of a quality holster--my SR9c disappears almost completely when carried in my MTAC.

    For single stack 9mm's (slimmer grip profile, but also lower round count), Kahr seems to be about the only player in that market at this time.
  4. grog

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    Glock also makes a .40, the model 22-full size, and 27-compact.

    If you want a PDW inbetween the ones you already have, this would be a good caliber with 165gr loads.
  5. SongDogSniper

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    Kahr offers incredibly small and thin single stack quality pistols (other than a specialty player like Rohrbaugh) which in my opinion gives them a leg up on the pocket carry market. I like them and happen to own a Kahr CW9 at the moment.

    But they are not the only player if absolute minimal size is not the primary concern. In that case, check out the Walther PPS and Taurus Slim series. Other options might include the Keltec PF9 too.

    For me, I prefer the Glock 27 when it comes to a compromise between size and caliber for IWB use. The Glock 27 is the same size as the 26 but in 40SW.
  6. Suburbbus

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    If you want to stay with stopping power of a 1911 model .45acp, Rock Island makes an Officer's size GI no frills .45acp for around $400.

    Good, basic, and dependable. Mine is the one I carry and have no problem at all concealing it.
  7. gunsmoker

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    Walther PPK is what you like.
    But I think the caliber is rather weak.
    You can get other guns that are similar in size and thickness, and about the same weight (or even less) in a better caliber, like 9mm.
    So look for a single-stack 9mm pistols that hold 7 or 8 rounds in the mag + 1 in the chamber, and are double action for the first shot (if not for all shots).
    I forget the specific brands and model numbers.
  8. rmodel65

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    i like my Kel-Tec PF9 very light


  9. tmoore912

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    The P, PM or CW Series guns in 9mm, .40S&W or .45ACP from Kahr should be looked at. Kel-Tec PF9 is small and flat.

    If being slim or flat is not a major concern then Glock 26 or 27.
  10. HydroAuto

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    There's a couple Walther PPS for sale right here on the board last time I checked. ;)

    Oop.. the .40 sold, 9 mm is still available.

  11. ForsythGlock

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  12. JiG

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    Look at the Keltec rmodel mentioned before buying a Walther. If CC comfort and better concealability is really what you are desiring along with some decent stopping power, get the Keltec. It's not a range toy, its a carry piece that excels in CC.
  13. Puffyfish

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    The PPK design has been around for almost a hundred years and still selling. I've had one, sold it and regret it. Superb design and function are the hallmark of old school Walther design. Honestly, I cannot wait to get another. I see them running between $450-550 quite often. Any more and your paying too much.
    Closest thing to it is a Bersa Thunder @ $350.
    Take a look here, this list covers many gun sale sites. Many pages of them. :righton:
  14. Xiclotl

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    The Dec/Jan issue of Guns & Ammo: Handguns examined the Beresa Thunder 9 UC, Kel-Tec PF09, Stoeger Couger and Taurus PT709 in an article titled "Bargain 9mm Shootout". Gave very good marks to the Cougar & Taurus. The Kel-Tec did't fare so well, but for $333 it is about 30% cheaper. The Cougar holds 15+1.
  15. taa

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    I have a walther PPK/s and just love it as my primary carry gun. Accurate, small, full featured, easy take down, very reliable. The only downside is that .380 is pricey nowadays.

    I use a Andrews holster and easy to wear all day including the car.
  16. Puffyfish

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    You have very good taste in holsters TAA. :righton:
  17. Archangel

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    I would recommend searching out a range that rents guns and try a few out.

    Walther makes a nice gun but I am not a fan of the .380 since modern guns have made available 9mm in equivalent size/weight handguns.

    There are many compact and sub-compact models out there that would fit your needs.

    I am a fan of the Springfield XD series. Check out the XSsc in 9mm. I think you would like it. Light on the hip, 13 round capacity, accurate and reliable.
  18. JiG

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    How many ads did the magazine have for all of the manufacturers and was the results in proportion with the advertising dollars? :wink: Gun Tests is about the only place I have seen that is about as fair as it gets. They're kinda like consumer reports for guns, even then, i bought one they said was a great buy, it was a lemon.
  19. AV8R

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    You didn't specify pocket carry, so might as well stick with something that resembles a real gun in a real caliber. You are already familiar with the 1911 platform, too.
  20. JiG

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    If he wasn't specifying pocket carry, I concur. Plus, to concur further, I think if you own a full size 1911, you should have an officer's model in your battery as well.

    However a single stack 1911 is much thicker than say a PF-9.... but there's middle ground, could always pick up a Springfield EMP. But if thickness is of no concern, just wants a super small pistol with punch, Para Warthog.