Recent Saxby Chambliss Letter.

Discussion in 'GA Laws and Politics' started by GAGunOwner, Jun 15, 2007.

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    What's the "Secons Amendment"??? :(

  3. Axeman

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    Its a form letter, I got one just like it for urging the passing of carry in National Parks a while back.

    Atleast he sent a response I got nothing from Linder or I can't remember the other guy. :x
  4. Tinkerhell

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    I have at least one of those exact letters. I expect someone in his office reads our letters & says " s'nother gun nut. Where is that stack of I love the 2nd replies at?"
  5. GAGunOwner

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    My type-o. :oops:
  6. merlock

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    I might get a response from Chambliss 50% of the time. :x
    I've yet to receive ANYTHING from Isakson :evil:
    Jim Marshall, OTOH, has written back 1 for 1 on EVERYTHING I've sent to him (letter/email/fax). :D
    I sent Goddard a letter on the day he announced. Still no reply; but I expected as much. He is as full of :bsflag: now, as he was when he was in command of Robins AFB. :shakehead: :censored:
  7. ls1ssdavid

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    I've also got a form letter like that from Chambliss.
  8. I usually get replies from both.
  9. audioeng

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    I see Isakson around town every once and a while, and this letter is pretty similar to what he said to me.

    I wasn't sure about Isakson when he first went to office, but after a few talks with him, it is my opinion that he stands for true conservative values, and thankful he and Saxby have now read the Amnesty bill and are not supporting it.

    So far they both have my vote.
  10. Purge

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    I wouldn’t vote for these punks. They didn’t do the right thing because it was right. They did it because people emailed, faxed, called, confronted and protested. Our servants should do the right thing… period.
  11. M249

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    Voting for Saxby and Johnny? Eh... negative. We had to severely bludgeon them about the head and neck with e-mails, faxes, letters, and phone calls over the shamnesty bill. Even then, they wouldn't come out and say, "OK, we screwed up. It's clear this bill is bad juju, and we're voting no."
  12. newarcher

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    I agree about Chambliss and Isakson. Linder is a strong YES.

    I read Chambliss the riot act over immigration, spending, and their lack of leadership......6 months before their slaughtering in 2006. I got a smartly worded reply about how the Dems were nothing but a party of personal attacks and no ideas. I responded back that his party was--by all accounts--trailing the party of personal attacks and no ideas and asked him what that said about himself and HIS party. I got no response.

    After the landslide in 2006, Chambliss lost a key chairmanship on the Agrigculture committee so I felt it a good time to email him and congratulate him on a loss well earned. I also reminded him that "I told you so 6 months ago" and reminded them about my email. Whoever was replying on the other side sent back his original email about the Dems being a party of personal attacks and no ideas! :D I thought that was inventive and quite the touche.

    Chambliss is a snake in the grass and characterized the response from us as being light in opposition to the bill until it was clear that he couldn't perpetrate that Charade any longer.

    I am at the point where I am going to probably vote each and every incumbent out regardless of party....except for Linder.