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Discussion in 'Firearm Related' started by Thorsen, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. Thorsen

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    Date: Tue 18 Sep 14:27:19 EDT 2007
    From: Official UGA Announcements <archnews> Add To Address Book | This is Spam
    Subject: Campus Weapons Policy
    To: [email protected]


    TO: UGA Faculty, Staff, and Students

    FROM: Jimmy Williamson, Chief of Police

    RE: Possession of Weapons on Campus

    In light of past incidents involving weapons on campus, the University of Georgia adopted a Firearms, Weapons, and Explosives policy. The policy conforms to Georgia Statutes which address the possession of weapons on University property. The policy follows in its entirety:

    University of Georgia
    Firearms, Weapons, and Explosives Policy

    The University has deemed the following actions to be prohibited by state law and/or University policy. Violation of this policy will result in appropriate action, including but not limited to termination, dismissal and/or criminal prosecution, if it finds that a student, employee or visitor to campus engages in any of the following:

    Using, possessing, manufacturing, distributing, maintaining, transporting or receiving, in a residence hall, any location on University property or at any University sponsored event, any of the following:

    (a) firearm or weapon whether operable or inoperable as defined in Georgia Code Section 16-11-127.1 or any object of like character, including but not limited to paintball guns, BB guns, potato guns, air soft guns or any device which propels a projectile of any kind;
    (b) any dangerous weapon, machine gun, sawed-off shotgun or rifle, shotgun or silencer as defined in Georgia Code Section 16-11-121;
    (c) any bacteriological weapon, biological weapon, destructive device, detonator, explosive, incendiary, over-pressure device or poison gas as defined in Georgia Code Section 16-7-80;
    (d) any explosive materials as defined in Georgia Code Section 16-7-81; or
    (e) any hoax device, replica of a destructive device or configuration of explosive materials with the appearance of a destructive device, including but not limited to, fake bombs, packages containing substances with the appearance of chemical explosives or toxic materials.

    The possession of a valid firearms permit, or a valid license to carry a concealed weapon, does not exempt students from the provisions of this policy or provisions detailed in Georgia Code Section 16-11-127.1. Under these provisions, students are prohibited from possessing, manufacturing, etc. weapons as defined above anywhere on University property.

    These provisions do not prohibit the possession by non-students (i.e. faculty, staff, and visitors to campus) of weapons or devices which are legal to possess, provided such a device is kept in a locked compartment of a motor vehicle (i.e. the glove compartment), or a locked container or locked firearms rack within a motor vehicle.

    Under Georgia Code Section 16-11-127.1(c)(5)(E), campus police officers are not prohibited from carrying weapons on the University of Georgia campus.

    For further information, see Georgia Code Section 16-11-127.1, or contact the University Police Department. You may also visit our website at:
  2. moonchicken

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    He says on the memo that faculty, staff and visitors may keep weapons locked in a car while on campus, but isn't this against the law as well? :?

  3. ptsmith24

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    Interesting..... So, if the state changes laws, the school would follow? Seems like a positive thing. Maybe I'm reading into it too much.
  4. Axeman

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    I work for a different college campus, and was told the po po would get me, and I would be fired even if it stayed in the car.
  5. Thorsen

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    What I thought was strange was the apparent contradiction within the email itself.

    Notice in the first paragraph where it states:

    But then goes on to say:

    So what weapons are they talking about that can be kept in a locked compartment of a vehicle? Notice it specifically speaks about a locked firearms rack.

    Not that university policy matters much to me as they can not preempt the state law and the state law is already clear on firearms within a school exclusionary zone, but doesn't this email strike some of you as sort of odd? In one portion they are pretty much parroting state code and in another they appear to be making an exception to something they had already just mentioned was prohibited.

    I'm confrused.
  6. Malum Prohibitum

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    They forgot about non-students who are dropping off or picking up students. You might want to let them know about it.
  7. glockgirl

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    yeah I got it too... it is the same weapons policy they have had on their website for ages... nothing new.
  8. Thorsen

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    Yeh, its just the apparent contradiction within the email itself, as well as the point MP pointed out. I think I will write them a letter just for grins and giggles :D