Received my CGO gear today, but......

Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by larz, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. larz

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    I got my CGO gear (t-shirt/sweatshirt) today which included a Licence Plate Frame. However, when I went to install it I noticed that it covers up the county and more importantly the registration sticker w/date. Not good.....I'll just use it as a paperweight. :evil:
  2. USMC - Retired

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    This has been noticed before. I believe that member used it on the front of his truck with a plate from another org he supports. I have seen frames that cover up the stickers before, I guess it would just depend on the officer if you got pulled over or not. Does anyone know if it would even be "ticketible"?

  3. Ashe

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    I've never been ticketed or even gotten a warnign for my plate frame. And I get pulled over for "no tag light" all the time.

    Which is hilarious because my tag lights work perfectly fine, and every time I get pulled over I have to tell the officer "Well see you can't see my tag light, because your headlights are brighter and washing them out." I guess it's because my tag lights are yellow not white.
  4. ptsmith24

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    Most license plate covers cover up this stuff, from what I've seen.
  5. VolGrad

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    Covering up the decals - month, year, and/or county (unless a specialty tag with no county sticker) - is a ticketable offense. Depending on the officer, might let it go with only a warning. However, this is one of the things that can get you pulled over if they just want to "check you out". Usually, to be sure and cover their own @$$#$, if they pull you over for that and do find something else they will ticket this too - since it was what they originally pulled you over for. If they don't find anything else wrong and you aren't a pecker to them, they will likely just give you a warning. Just my :2cents: observation from the ride-alongs I have been on (with 3 different departments, so I don't think this is just something one department does).
  6. Malum Prohibitum

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    That is the law.
  7. larz

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    Maybe I could get my Dremel out and make some modifications......
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    Unless someone else has a more relevant code citation, this is what I was able to find.