Real Police Officer Home Invasions

Discussion in 'In the News' started by mzmtg, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. mzmtg

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    I hope they figure out what a bad idea this is before too many people get shot.
  2. Thorsen

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    What a stupid idea!

  3. VolGrad

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    By now everyone on this forum has probably figured out I am usually pro-LEO.

    That being said - WTF???

    This is the stupidest idea I have ever heard of. Also, while having a unlocked door is a bad idea it is not illegal. To me, them going around opening doors and entering is very questionable, legally.

    They are also definitely asking to be shot.
  4. Sharky

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    I can see the good they are trying to do. However lets say the execution of such plan(no pun intended) is absolutely absurd!!!!!!!

    Good way to get a cop killed! I wonder what brain child thought this one up.

    I think a better way is through their neighborhood watch program. Have the officers go door to door throughout the week, during daylight hours and help educate people that way. Showing up in the middle of the night, walking around in the dark!

    A$%hats.....As Ramm puts it.
  5. slabertooch

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    ok, how about complete disregard for civil rights, and property rights.

    Someone is going to get shot.

    Just because you are the police, doesn't give you the right to tresspass, or breaking and entering.

    Someone comes into my home when I'm there, regardless of the status of my locks, gets drawn on.

    Bad idea for someone with a flashlight and a gun on their hip to be walking into someones house at night.
  6. VolGrad

    VolGrad Tactical Statistician

    This sounds like it would be from an episode of Andy Griffeth.

    This reminds me of something else stupid. I will not name the parties involved but let's just say I "heard" this story. It IS credible.

    A neighbor cop who never speaks to anyone in the daylight shows up on someone's door at 2 am banging and announcing "POLICE". Homeowner answer's the door and the officers tells them he has just ran over their cat (it is dead and there is no need for urgent care). WoW! Couldn't that have waited until morning? Especially, since the homeowner didn't have a cat to begin with.
  7. Tinkerhell

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    I'm fine with all of it except the entering part. Want to check my doors for being unlocked. Ok, if you catch one of the very rare times that's true & leave me a little card saying
    "If I was a burgler I'd have stolen all your hamburgers today/night. Remember to lock up!! Love, Andy"

    But under no circumstance does an unlockd door give you the right to enter my home. I might not even mind if it was my business. I'd probably appreciate that. No business should have unlocked doors outside of opperating hours and if it is I'd like for a cop to check it out and then give me a call to report the problem so I could get up & go down to the store & lock up properly (then fire whoever left it unlocked).

  8. slabertooch

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    sorry I don't leave business cards. :)
  9. jeepsterwannabe

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    sounds more like a Hallmark card