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Re: The War

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The War

"I want to talk about the war that nobody talks about. Do you know that more soldiers died in Afghanistan this year than in the last two years of the war in Iraq?"

Gog bless our soldiers and God damn our journalists and news editors (traitors in my book)...
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What are you blabbering about? I just took a quick informal survey of:

...and even my hometown paper

Every single one of them had articles or links to articles on the front page about the war.
Surely you're not "damning" the 22 journalist who have been killed in Afghanistan since 1992? But then again, you probably are. Didn't the Jesuits teach you not to use the Lord's name in vain?
I'm pretty sure when the surge/increase in troops was announced it was also noted that we should expect a subsequent increase in US causalities so if anyone is suprised by the increase in casualties they weren't paying attention.
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