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I can't think

I can't really understand the rationale of the legislature's use of the term "public gatherings" as contrasted with "public places." Their list of examples that illustrate, but do not limit, the definition of "public gatherings" is not helpful. For these reasons I cannot say whether the legislature "INTENDED" to criminalize carrying a weapon into a regular movie theater, or for that matter a live play or other arts/cultural event that is neither held in a government building nor features alcohol.

I'm sure that if I'm ever caught carrying my pistol in, to, or from a movie theater (especially likely when I go to a 9:30 movie that doesn't end until midnight, and I have to walk through a mostly empty and deserted parking area to find my car), and IF I were were charged, THEN I would put a whole lot more of thinking into this issue and I'd darn sure try to come up with some logical reasons to tell the prosecutor/court/jury as to why the law should treat movie theaters more like fast food restaurants and crowded malls (OK carrry) rather than treating them like church services or fairs or parades. (NO carry).
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