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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by YZ#58, Dec 29, 2010.

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    I just got a Stoeger STF3000 12 guage, over/under shotgun for Christmas. Finally got to take it out to Advanced Bullets today to shoot some clay pigeons. I am very happy with it. My first round, I think I shot a 21/25. Missed a couple of the first ones, getting used to it. This is the first double barrel of any type I have shot.

    I let my 16 yr old daughter shoot next. The gun is a bit heavy for her, and she shot 15 out of 18. The guy running the machine was impressed with her shooting, as was I, once again. He asked her if she lived in Carroll county, he wanted her to shoot on the 4H team. Said sorry, no. This thrower throws them a good bit faster than the cheapo we have at Grandpa's farm.

    My next 2 rounds were a 23, and a 22. So overall, pretty happy with. No FTF, or any other problems with it. Will definitely try to get out there on Wednesday night skeet/trap shoots.
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    I'm impressed with the daughters score.

    Bravo Zulu Daddy !