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Range report for the Cougar

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I finally got around to taking this puppy out to the range. When I started shooting, it reminded me a phrase I read in a review for this gun: "duty grade". I can see this gun as being a LEO standard issue for some reason. Maybe it's because it was designed before all the polymer fury but this thing is solid feeling all around. If you run out of rounds, one can club someone with this thing without worrying about breaking the gun. The grip maybe too big for someone with small hands. Fits my medium hands just fine, almost perfect. It will make a great house gun and I have no problem carrying it, either. It's compact enough to conceal easily.

The reliability was 100% through and through. No ifs and no buts, it send everything down range as expected and had the cleanest extraction of any gun I have seen. The accuracy was very good. I had several shots, especially at 10 yards and in that were touching each other. The head shots were at 15 years, rest at 10, few at 7.

I shot over 200 rounds. Many of them were 127/124 gr +P JHPs from Blackhills and Speer Gold Dot. Also shot American Eagle, CCI Blazer Brass 115 gr FMJs and 147 gr FMJ reloads with no problem.

Overall, it definitely doesn't feel or shoot like a budget gun. Whoever designed this thing knew what they were doing.


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Sweet! Does the recoil seem less than other pistols of the same caliber you've fired?

I had a compact Beretta .45 Cougar. It seemed to be a very soft shooting accurate pistol. I traded it because the grip on the compact model was to short for my big meathooks. I kept pulling the barrel downward when shooting it.

I'll buy a Stoeger if they make a fullsize one in .45.
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