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  1. S&W 40

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    Did a search but have not seen this asked;

    What gear do you take to the range? Looking for the why did I not think of that item, when you have you don't know how you did without it.

    Items I take (other than guns and ammo)

    Eye and ear pro
    Gun lube
    Extra card board
    Multi tool
    Tape and stapler
    Waterless hand cleaner
  2. VolGrad

    VolGrad Tactical Statistician

    In addition to what you have already listed...

    extra staples
    the black paper clasps/clips (the squeezy kind, JIC everything else fails)
    note pad & pen
    bottled H2O
    container to hold any brass I pick up (our club keeps a 5 gallon bucket on the range for this)
    original manual for any guns I am not intimately familiar with (particularly, for the parts diagram)
    plenty of extra cheap ear plugs for guests, or for extra pro under my muffs

    last but not least

    big stack of GCO cards

  3. ptsmith24

    ptsmith24 New Member

    Depends on the range trip. Sometimes I go all out, other times it's just target stand, targets, duct tape, cardboard, guns, and ammo (if i'm brining just one or two).