Raleigh Restricts Number of Flags Allowed for Display to 3

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  1. Dan H

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    This is just absurd!

    Raleigh Rule Restricts Number of Flags Allowed for Display to Three


    An ordinance restricting the number of flags allowed up for display has some North Carolina business owners seeing a lot of red, and not as much white and blue.

    The city of Raleigh has limited the number of American flags — and any other banners or signs — to three per property.

    But that policy doesn't fly with Kevin Powell, co-owner of a used auto dealership called Martin Auto Haus that has 12 Old Glories waving in the wind, or with Chuck Bright, who owns a gas station called Fiddle Stix that is festooned with seven of Betsy Ross' creations.

    Both men say they have no intention of taking all but three of their flags down by Sunday, the city-imposed deadline to remove the extras before a fine of $500 per day will be charged to anyone in violation of the policy.

    "I think it's a disgrace," said Bright of the rule. "We're at a time when we certainly need to be patriotic. If I want to express my patriotism at my place of business, I should not be restricted."

    A city official paid visits to violators of the new rule earlier in the week, saying Raleigh was trying to "clean up" the busy highway known as Capital Boulevard, where Powell's and Bright's businesses are located.

    "It came out of the blue, out of nowhere," said Powell of the flag crackdown. "Capital is beautiful. The landscaping is awesome. I don't know what else we can clean up."

    Powell said he has a dozen American flags fluttering outside his dealership to show support for soldiers at war.

    "We've got troops overseas dying every day," he said. "If anything, we should be putting more [flags] up. That's why I have them — it's a tribute."

    Bright said he was originally going to take the offending flags down, but then he reconsidered.

    "The more I thought about it, it's just ridiculous and we shouldn't have to," he said. "We're not going to remove them, so we're prepared to pay the fines. We're extremely patriotic people."

    Calls to the city of Raleigh seeking comment were not returned.

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    pretty soon it will be Amerikans......
  3. Dan H

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    Hey, we might offend all the foreigners or make them feel uncomfortable if we have too many flags, prayer in schools, the bible in hotels, etc etc etc...

  4. Adam5

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    If they don't like it here, they can go back where they came from !!!!
  5. Dan H

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  6. HATE to derail this but the prayer in schools made me.

    As long as I'm paying for it, my kids (when i have some) shouldn't have religion pushed on them.

    But then again i'm against public schools period and thats a bigger issue.
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    Religion of any sort has no place in schools, or in our government. I say that if you allow one, you have to allow them all, no matter what.

    I alone am responsible for the raising of my child, I teach him how to relate and interact with the world around him. Schools are there to teach them skills that will help them in life, not life skills. It is education, not raising, parents are responsible for for the raising of their children. Time for parents to be Parents, and stop wanting someone else to do their job.
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    Just remember...

    This new generation of illegals have forgotten how to swim the Rio-Grande
    so we will have to fly them back to MEXICO.
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    Re: Just remember...

    Trebuchet is not good enough? 8)
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    Re: Just remember...

    Instead of putting them in a plane we could just chain an anchor to their ankle and launch the anchor across the river ... I am sure they would relearn how to swim the rest of the way across
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    Only three non-English words per recorded phone call, touch phone option, Wal-Mart self-checkout or radio/tv advertisement. Then I'll feel better about it.