Racist Roots of Gun Control, Adam Ruins Everything

Discussion in 'In the News' started by EJR914, Mar 14, 2019.

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    as usual, the facts in this video need to be carefully vetted before coming to one's own conclusion. I had to roll my eyes a few times while watching this...
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    There are two sides to this coin.

    1-- Yes, some gun control laws were specifically passed to prevent or discourage blacks from arming themselves for legitimate purposes, like defending themselves from racist attacks by Klansman or other white supremacist mobs who might attack them, at their homes, their churches, their workplaces, or traveling on the public roads between any of those places.

    2-- But, plenty of gun control laws are passed by a general consensus that "crime" (in general) is too high, and too many murders with guns are happening, and too many cops are getting shot or shot at. This is not an effort to disarm blacks, although I suppose you could say that it, like ANY CRIME-FIGHTING PROPOSAL, is related to race. Why? Because blacks are disproportionately the perpetrators of violent crime, including gun crime. (Disproportionate = way out of proportion to the percentage of blacks in the entire population of the overall community).

    As much as high-profile school shootings and other public massacres generate good publicity for the Leftists' gun control agenda and legislative initiatives, I think the most harmful attacks to come that will end up crippling the Second Amendment will be race-neutral infringements that are enacted as a response to the overall gun-crime numbers in the USA. Especially black-on-black crime in the ghettos of America's biggest cities.

    A farmer in Iowa who wants to buy a Winchester bolt-action .223 varmint rifle to kill the coyotes and groundhogs around his farm will be denied a fast and easy acquisition of the gun of his choice BECAUSE OF the Crips, Bloods, and Black Gangster Disciples who have been acquiring other types of rifles (and .223 caliber pistols based on the AR-15 and AK-47 designs) to kill each other and innocent people in cities like Atlanta, St. Louis, Houston, and Chicago.
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    Would it have killed him to point out that the NRA does not comment on ANY specific events involving firearms and not presented a few examples intended to make them look racist.
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