Raccoons - Legal To Kill?

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    Well disregard. Traps must be tended with a .22, right? Is there a legal distinction between live catch versus spring loaded traps?
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    subsonic .22 + can = no problem.

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    Is it legal per local law to shoot a .22LR in your back yard?
    Aside from the 50-yards from a public road state law, are there any local ordinances against dispatching a trapped coon with a single head shot?

    CCI makes a .22 round called “QUIET.” It really is, fired from a rifle. It sounds like you’re using a silencer even when you’re not.

    40 grain lead round nose bullet at 700 f.p.s.

    Be safe: it may go right through a coon’s head or body and still have dangerous velocity. Make sure you shoot stright down so the bullet buries itself in your lawn.

    P.S. CCI quiet cartridges are not particularly quiet fired from a handgun. Or a semi auto whose action will open before the bullet exits the muzzle .
    But from a bolt, lever, or single shot .22 rifle, they’re quiet.

    And the longer of a barrel you have, the quieter they will sound . I shoot them from a 22 inch barrel, and it’s sugnificantly quieter than using them in an 18” barrel.
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    Shoot,Shovel and Shut-up.
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    Use a bow...

    Hard to beat for being quiet.
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    Gwinnett county has no shooting ordinance other than the one for parks, so state law would apply.

    According to 16-11-103, a firearm is ANY pistol, rifle, or shotgun, and I'm within 50 yards of a road.

    However, aren't there definitions of a rifle and pistol in state law, such that one could find a .22 rimfire implement that would not be considered either a pistol or rifle?

    Seems there was a thing about barrel length, but I can't recall it now.
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    The definitions found in 16-11-125.1 overlooked a carbine with a 16" barrel, but less than 18" barrel.

    However, the 125.1 definitions don't apply everywhere in GA law. They only apply to that "article" consisting of several laws about the carrying of weapons.

    The 16-11-103 law is in a different "part" and "article" of the Code, so the terms used in #..103 may be defined differently.

    Rather than use the oddball definitions found in 125.1, I think a court would use the kind of Webster's dictionary definition, and in such a case even an SBR would still be a rifle, whether it has a 12" barrel or 16" barrel or 20" barrel.

    Courts are also supposed to consider the reason the legislature passed a certain law, and give the law a construction (an interpretation) that makes it effective at reducing the harm that the legislature was trying to address.
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    I could've sworn I learned in a previous experience that if you had trapped/captured a raccoon, it was illegal to release it period, as in it must be excluded.