quick justice- child rapist executed

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    Apparently the New York Post wants to shock its genteel American readers with the savagery of this Islamic justice in the Middle East.

    Well, assuming there was plenty of evidence to support the verdict, I think this is perfect justice.

    Child rapist-killers should be put to death publicly, quickly, and without any regard for their comfort level during their execution, and with no concern for not damaging the body so as not to traumatize the killer's relatives when they view the body in the morgue later (modern standards in the USA say executions must be bloodless, painless, not deform the body in any way, etc.)

    In some ways, the followers of Islamic justice have it right.

    A beheading by sword (like they do in Saudi Arabia) or lynching from a construction crane (like Iran does) would be fine with me, too.

    If he's truly guilty. If the court that convicted him was more than a kangaroo court bowing to pressure from tribal leaders.
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    Hard to agree or disagree without knowing how fair a trial is in Yemen. I am troubled at the prospect of what seems like the complete absence of any a cursory appeals process.

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    Appeals process? This is Sharia law. :lol:
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    100% agree with GS.

    As a parent, it is a God given DUTY to protect your children ...at all costs.