Questions, Flying with Firearm Over the Holidays

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    I’ll be flying over the holidays and want to travel with one of my firearms. I have never flown commercial with a checked firearm. I have read all of the info on the Delta web site and the TSA web site for information. I have a couple of questions for those of you who have recently flown with a firearm.

    1. Any issues with leaving ammunition in magazines that are in closed pouches? The TSA web site lists an exception.

    2. What does this mean…do I need to provide a key, to who, and when??? ... _1666.shtm

  2. {TEX}Hawaii((

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    Thanks. I looked at that topic and associated web site when before I posted. It's somewhat helpful, but I was hoping for someone with recent flying experience with Delta.
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    Delta is a non-problem when flying. If there is an issue it will come from TSA. I have not had a problem with airlines or TSA but have heard horror stories.

    Take your luggage to the check-in counter and tell the ticketing agent that you are travelling with a firearm. You will be asked the usual questions about the weapon being empty and so on. The agent will want to view the firearm and then hands you the requisite tag to go in the case with the gun. You will be directed to the TSA area where the case will be unlocked by you or the TSA representative. Your firearm will be inspected and placed back in the case and returned to your luggage. TSA has asked me to unlock the case then step back, and after inspection verify that the case is locked. A hardshell case is required. Note: A soft-sided case may be used with hard sided luggage.

    Some hints to make this process easier:

    Use a hard-sided locking case, even though a soft-side may be acceptable in hard side luggage, the screener may not know this. As screeners have the discretion to deny your firearms or boarding, go with the hard case.

    Use a cable or trigger lock on the firearm being transported.

    Even thought TSA and airline regulations say that ammo may be carried in magazines when enclosed, I suggest using a ammo box and leaving the magazines empty. Again, you are dealing with TSA personnel
    Have the applicable TSA regulations and Airline rules in hand. ... _1666.shtm ... /index.jsp

    Hope this helps!

    PS: When getting your online boarding pass DO NOT indicate that you are traveling with a special item.