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Questions about the Valdosta area

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This weekend I'll be taking my family, along with a friend's family, to Wild Adventures Theme Park. I'm poining up and gonna go with my daughters to see the "Boy Band" they are in LUV with :? (jhonas bros. I think) and hang out at the park....ride the rides....and have a lotta fun with the family and our friends family.
My question is about the Valdosta area and Wild Adventures park IWT carrying, in particular attitudes towards carrying, local laws, off-limit areas, and any past experiences ya'll have had while there.
I've done the search here but didn't find too much WWT off-limit areas or just all-out banned places. I plan on carrying most of the time but I'm looking for any specifics about the park and area in general. The concert will be a public gathering so that's a no-no, so I'll most likely leave the side arm locked away in the car.
Anyone with knowledge and experience there please sound-off as I'd greatly appreaciate any heads-up ya'll can give me.
Thanks, Goldie

An Extra tid-bit for discussion purposes: My buddy is deployed and we'll be with his wife and kids........she is originally from the Chicago area and is pretty anti.......but she knows I carry and is alright with it, she just has an overall fear of guns and dosn't like them around, so this'll be an intresting weekend. :wink:
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no weapons allowed

I went with the family to Wild Adventures this summer (great place). They sent me back to my car with my trusty Spyderco- no knives allowed and they do operate metal detectors. But, they did let me lock my knife up in the car-and ride roller coasters to my childrens heart content!
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