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Questions about the Valdosta area

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This weekend I'll be taking my family, along with a friend's family, to Wild Adventures Theme Park. I'm poining up and gonna go with my daughters to see the "Boy Band" they are in LUV with :? (jhonas bros. I think) and hang out at the park....ride the rides....and have a lotta fun with the family and our friends family.
My question is about the Valdosta area and Wild Adventures park IWT carrying, in particular attitudes towards carrying, local laws, off-limit areas, and any past experiences ya'll have had while there.
I've done the search here but didn't find too much WWT off-limit areas or just all-out banned places. I plan on carrying most of the time but I'm looking for any specifics about the park and area in general. The concert will be a public gathering so that's a no-no, so I'll most likely leave the side arm locked away in the car.
Anyone with knowledge and experience there please sound-off as I'd greatly appreaciate any heads-up ya'll can give me.
Thanks, Goldie

An Extra tid-bit for discussion purposes: My buddy is deployed and we'll be with his wife and kids........she is originally from the Chicago area and is pretty anti.......but she knows I carry and is alright with it, she just has an overall fear of guns and dosn't like them around, so this'll be an intresting weekend. :wink:
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My brother is in school down there @ VSU. As he as told me...he likes living there, but there are places you don't go, especially at night. He has accidently fentured across the bridge and tracks...immediately he felt like a piece of meat. I've had another friend of mine tell me the same thing. Everytime I've gone, I've carried. Keep it well concealed and you don't have to worry. As far as the po-po's, I haven't heard much from him.
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