Question regarding trading firearm to someone out of state

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    So I have this for sale or trade (, looking for an antique tractor. I have an interested party out of state (South Carolina). My understanding is I need to ship the rifle through my local FFL to an FFL close to the buyer. Once there he would need to fill out the 4473. My questions are this: Can I ship it to the other FFL in my name and then he can do the paperwork as a purchase? I don't want him to get there ahead of me and just do the paperwork and walk out with it. Secondly what about ammo, can I just carry this to him when we meet face to face? Also if the deal doesn't go through I assume I can just transport the rifle back to Georgia in my truck.

    Any faults to my thought process here? Besides selling this nice rifle?

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    You can ship the rifle to the FFL in the transferee’s state yourself, no need to use another licensee to ship. The alternative is you driving the rifle to SC yourself and meeting at an FFL who can then conduct the transfer.

    You can do whatever you want with the ammo as long as it’s legal in the state you’re taking it, which in SC shouldn’t be an issue.

    Traveling with the rifle is a non issue. Just have it unloaded/cased to cover yourself.
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    In any case call his FFL first to make sure the FFL is ok with what ever the plan may be.
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    If you plan to meet him F2F in SC just bring the gun and ammo with you to the FFL. No need to incur extra shipping costs. But if you decide that you'd rather ship the gun to the FFL first, you should contact the FFL and ask what info of yours he wants in the package as well as inform him that he should not release the gun to the buyer until you're there.
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    Even if you plan to carry it the FFL I still suggest contacting the FFL first and make sure the FFL will transfer under those conditions. Many FFL's will not accept shipments for transfer from any one other than another FFL. The reason for this is when you ship through an FFL The originating FFL has to log the firearm in then log it out when it ships. The receiving FFL has to log the firearm in when it's received then log it out when the transfer is made. The logging in and out would still apply even if you hand deliver to the receiving FFL. Call First and explain the plan and get approval. This might save a wasted trip.