Question About S&W Pistols

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by cdtracing, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. cdtracing

    cdtracing New Member

    Has any one had any experience with the Smith & Wesson Sigma 9mm pistols?
    Any good/bad, reliability, accuracy and carryability (if that’s a word).

  2. tace

    tace New Member

    The reason you seen them so cheap is because they were considered a cheap and unreliable copy of Glocks. I can't remember the main issues ppl had with them but they were regarded quite poorly.

  3. tony218

    tony218 New Member

    i did a lot of research on them before i discovered the M&P
    the first ones (SW9V) had problems fte,ftf and trigger.
    they were so close to a glock 19 that glock took them to
    court and smith had to change ths design, parts would
    interchange with the 19 they were so close.
    now smith has to give glock a piece of everyone they sell.
    the new ones (SW9VE) have had no problems, they do
    have a very heavy trigger, that is the only thing i have
    heard bad about them. same thing goes for the .40 cal.
    you can tell the first ones from the second ones at a
    glance. the first ones have a black slide the second have
    a polished slide. never owned one but have shot several (first and second)
    i think you would be
    safe with one. i bought the M&P because it looked better
    and seemed to be built a little stronger it has steel framing
    inside the plastic frame. seemed more sturdy than the sigma.
    sorry for the long post, but i hope it helps
  4. S&W 40

    S&W 40 Active Member

    I have a SW40VE, the trigger is heavy but other than that I have not had one problem with more than 500rds. At 7 yrds you won't get 2 inch groups but will always hit the target. The old versions did have some troubles like the Tauras PT series prior to the Millenium. It is a good firearm at the price ($300-345) and a good deal, it will never be a M&P, XD or any even more expensive gun. Just another one of my tools.