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    First off I am new to this site but am thankful I have found it. my question is about the computers in LEO's cars, I have be stopped one time and didn't need to show my insurance card because he said it was on file, can they see that I have a GWL also on the computer before they return to my vehicle? jest wondering.
    Thanks for ya'll time and God bless
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    Welcome to the forum!

    In Georgia, weapons carry license info is not online and connected to your driver's license or vehicle registration. Each county probate court only, has GWCL license info on file, and by state law, that info cannot be shared on an electronic database. So, no worries about that. An LEO cannot know that you have a GWCL, or a gun for that matter, just by accessing your driver's license and vehicle registration.

    As an aside, the less said by you about having a gun or a license (voluntarily), the better all things considered. There also is no state law requiring you to inform the LEO about having a gun or a license in the car. But, your call and YMMV. I'm not a lawyer.

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    What he said.

    And welcome aboard!
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    Welcome to the forum.

    I agree with DonT, even though I wasn't aware that cops didn't have online access to that - good to know now.

    The less you say, the better. Just be honest if you are asked. You are taking a gamble by volunteering info to them. If the cop is anti-gun, you might get a ticket for your driving infraction, instead of a warning. On the other hand, sometimes volunteering info might get you a warning instead of a ticket. But until you know the cop, you just don't know his/her viewpoint.

    But be aware that if you drive to NC or SC, even though your carry license is valid there, you must inform a cop who approaches you in an official manner, that you are carrying. Not the case in AL or FL - they are like GA, with no duty to inform law. And your license is valid in all surrounding states.
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    I personally do not mention that I am carrying nor do I show my GWL (I have heard that some do this by handing it over w/ the DL) but if asked, I will tell them that I am in fact armed. I have only been stopped twice here in Georgia since 2012 (one was a roadblock the other was GSP) and wasn't asked if I had any weapons. Texas is also a "must inform state" (and they DO know if you have a licence as it is linked w/ your DL) so as a habit, I would just hand them the CHL w/ the DL. I was stopped 3 or 4 times in Texas and never had any issues...and didn't get a ticket, either.
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    Important distinction, thanks. I was talking about Georgia only. Other states, other rules, such as in the case of SC, there IS a duty to inform LE, if you are stopped. Other states DO have online data for carry licenses tied to the driver's license. Anyone packing and traveling to other states must study on those state laws. ( is a great resource.)
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    Now think about that. They have a list of people vetted as the most legal law abiding citizens, approach with caution! They HAVE TO KNOW statistically, these are the safest people to approach.
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    but if asked here in ga you cant lie must tell i beleave
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    FL has an online weapons license database but it's not tied directly to your driver license. It has to be accessed separately. The point is that the "safe passage" provisions of FOPA can be and usually are ignored when driving through certain anti-gun states such as NJ and MD.

    A guy from FL found this out the hard way several years ago in MD (where you're not required to inform).

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    "I don't have anything illegal in my car."
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    "Officer, there is nothing in my car that is a danger to you or to me."
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    I would think a simple "Yes" or "No" would suffice in response. I have no desire to play rhetorical games with any revenue generators.
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    Or simply keep you mouth shut.
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