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I have decided on getting an AK, but I want purple parts. I know odd, but I am really wanting one in purple. Sadly I can not find any parts in purple, anyone have advise, or better google-fu, that can help me either get or make some purple parts on a AK?
I've seen parts for ARs in purple but none for the AK.

I've look around online and can't find any really.
I'm pretty sure now after looking awhile that I will have to either have them made or do it myself on coloring them.
So any suggestions on good ways to do so, that will stand up to actually being fired, and won't ruin the functionality of the rifle?

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Wait, are you talking about the metal parts being purple, or the stock, grip and handguards? K-VAR sells plum colored AK furniture...
^ This.

You can either get plum color plastic furniture or have wood furniture refinished in plum/purple, then have the rifle gun kote'd/cerakote'd in a plum/purple/purple-ish black color.

My old AK shop built an AK74 for a customer who'd refinished his own furniture in a dark purple and we gun kote'd the metal parts in a black-purple-ish color. It actually looked pretty damn good.

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With Goddess Purple on the metal, I would think a white on the furniture would look nice unless you are going for a more "subdued" look. My daughter would go with the white wood and either purple or the neon green color they have on the metal or a reverse of those finishes.

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white goes good with any color.
I agree that the whole thing should not be purple.
Purple and zombie green, maybe?
Purple and yellow, with black sights?

As to how to paint AK's, all I can say is that I did it with no priming or surface preparation other than using 91% rubbing alcohol to degrease the parts, and I used $6 per can spraypaint, and it worked OK. The paint was not too durable-- got dinged easily if it bumped things in the gun safe. But it didn't flake off or peel. It did get discolored from powder fouling. Maybe you should make sure the areas that will get purple include the gas tube.

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