public university offers gun training

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    the University of North Georgia offers gun safety classes with hands-on shooting at a local range.

    I think that's pretty cool.

    This is a public college, run by the Georgia University Board of Regents. UNG has multiple campuses now, including those of the two colleges that were merged to create it-- North Georgia College in Dahlonega and Gainesville College in Gainesville.
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    That link takes you to a 2015 listing. I was interested in whether they are still offering that sort of training and did a course search through their site and got this:

    I appreciate that they offer the class but the disclaimer burried in the text is disappointing too:

    "For the range portion following the classroom safety class, we will be using a local gun range for our live fire exercises. Cost for the range will be approximately $10 - $12 per person, which is an additional fee on the day of the class. Handguns can be rented and ammo can be purchased. Students can bring their own gun and ammo to the RANGE ONLY. Guns and ammo must be left and locked in your vehicle while on the college campus. "
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    Yeah, well, they're playing it safe.
    Although the school weapons law, 16-11-127.1, has long had an exception for people enrolled in a gun safety class.
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    That's a damn good thing to see in this day and age. I'm surprised those liberal sissies haven't managed to have this stricken from the available classes.