Public Safety & Recreational Firearms Use Protection ACT

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    Some of you may be aware of this Senate bill, but I was not until yesterday. The name of the bill above sounds like a harmless bill, but infact it is a very deceptive use of words by Sen Frank Lautenberg to ban among other things 1) an immediate ban on the manufacture, transfer and possession of most semiautomatic handguns, rifles and shotguns. 2) it would prohibit the manufacture, transfer or possession of magazines or firearm clips that hold or can accept more than ten rounds. 3) Violate this law and you are a criminal. You could spend 10 years in prison, lose your right to vote and your right to own any firearm.

    Co-sponsors of this bill are Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Chuck Schumer, Barbara Boxer, among others. The only way to stop this bill is to contact Sen Bill Frist and ask him to stop this bill from reaching the Senate Floor. Most senators will not know what this bill really is about especially by the way it has been named. What can we do? Contact Sen Bill Frist and plead with him to block this bill from reaching the Senate Floor so it cannot be voted on. The bill is S 645
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    This bill is essentially a resurrection of the assault weapons ban. It was referred to the judiciary committee 16 months ago, where it will wither on the vine under the auspices of Arlen Specter.