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One of the most difficult things that has faced law enforcement over the years is the ability to predict human behavior. Therefore, any increase of firearms in the public arena, particularly public institutions, schools and universities, increases the potential for one with mental health issues to legally carry a gun. These people, at any point in time, have the opportunity to open fire on those who are in their immediate environment. Although others may be carrying weapons, it would turn into a melee in which 911 is notified, the police respond, and 25 people with guns are firing at each other.
Well I am really proud that predicting human behavior on the street, in the mall, at Wally World, and in the bank is easier. I never realised how tough it is to predict human behavior in arenas and schools!

And thank the Lord that no one has thought of starting a public gun battle during a pedestrian rush hour downtown! There ought to be a law!


TONY FISHER, another Delta Bravo.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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