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PTR 91 GI Classic, rounds 181 - 220

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My rifle has moved into the broken-in phase now. I was shooting MEN 16 ammunition and using only iron sights. The wind was gusty at times.

Standing and using the sling. This "dog" target at 25 yds is supposed to represent a full-sized target at 100 yds.

I shot this target while sitting on a small rubber block and resting the barrel on the rail that separates the range from the shooting tables; I was trying to create a more real-life (as opposed to the gun range) shooting position.

"I see you!" (table rest this time)

Table rest again. My first shot was into the right forearm. After checking with the binoculars, I fired the five more shots.

And here are the next six shots. I'm blaming that low flyer on the wind.

And here's the group extent box without the flyer. And not to brag too much, but do you have any idea how much skill it takes to put two shots under the armpit at 100 yds? :lol:

And last, but not least, I shot another "dog" target from the table rest. At 50 yds, the target is supposed to appear the same as a full-size target at 200 yds. The first shot was the one in the lower left of the black silhouette, and I'm hoping the wind was the cause for another low flyer.
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