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A shotgun-wielding predator breaks into house in Cherokee County, Georgia and rapes a 38 year old woman. He then threatens to rape 8 year old daughter, at which point a fierce struggle ensues, during which the woman stabs the intruder to death with a butcher's knife obtained in the kitchen, but ends up stabbed several times herself (another reason why a gun is a better defensive tool).

So, why am I dredging up this old story?

The Cherokee County woman who killed the man who raped her most likely will be able to take her daughter home with her, probably by next week.

First the mother has to complete a psychological evaluation.

"They want to make sure I am of no harm to myself or anyone else," the woman said Friday after a hearing in Juvenile Court in Cherokee County. She hopes to celebrate Christmas with family in Ohio.

Link to AJC Story

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I posted this on THR to help explain the why of it:

First post:
Let's everybody hold up here for a sec. I live in Cobb County, the county just south of Cherokee (both just to the NE of Atlanta). I heard this from the begining. I also have a friend who worked 35 years for DFaCS as a caseworker and supervisor.

As I remember, the lady is single. DFaCS (Dept. of Family and Child Service) would take custody of the child as it was a criminal case, no spouse around. DFaCS will not just give custody to a reletive, friend, etc. Wheather the lady would even survive her wounds was in doubt for a time.

There are procedures to be followed in returning custody to the parent. And, currently DFaCS is running scared as mid-level supervisors over-ruled the case workers and returned a child ( 1 of 8 ) to a psyco mother who in short order beat the kid to death.

So. I very much doubt that a Judge, in Cherokee County, GA, who must rule on returning the child to the lady in question, will hesitate an instant in signing the order. Again DFaCS is going to follow procedure to the letter (a talk with a shrink is part of that) but I doubt that it is anything more than a formality. Also the caseworker will have a lot to say about wheather the lady is ready to look after the kid.

Second post:
Tim Burke: Based on Wiley's post I can understand them taking the child in the first place. I still don't understand why she has to jump through hoops to get her child back now that she is competent to voice her opinion.

Me again. Unfortunatly, in this case the Mother's opinion doesn't count. It's up to the courts. The state taking custody of the kid is a legal proceding as is the return.

Tim, the state taking custody of a kid is in some cases the first step in suspension of parental rights, ie., "We've taken your kids and you ain't gettin' 'em back 'cause you're unfit parents and shouldn't be alowed to breed."

The most recient example was two methheads cookin in a small travel trailer with their three kids sleeping next to the cooker. They, the parents, the methheads, should never get their kids back, nor should they.

Again, all of this is part of the law. Most times it works and works fairly well. Sometimes you get head scratchers.

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Weapons in Home

Those social workers probably want to make sure that the child isn't brought home to a place where some weapon would be available. The mother HAS learned her lesson about how dangerous knives are, right? She will promise not to offer violence to intruders anymore, and to follow the standard advice of quiet submission?

Just today I joined a new health club that insisted upon evaluating my "overall wellness" in a way that went beyond checking height, weight, cardivascular fitness, and how many pounds I could bench press. They asked about drinking, television habits, whether I rode a motorcycle, if I wore a safety belt, and IF I LIVED IN A HOME WITH A HANDGUN. Not any firearm, but a handgun. They also asked about homicidal and suicidal thoughts, hearing voices, etc.

If I weren't already committed to working out there with some people I know, I think I would have told them that I needed to get buff so that I could carry enough guns and ammo to complete the mission that the Mother Ship has assigned me to-- though I won't get the details on the mission until the next broadcast across that un-used UHF television channel....


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They asked about drinking, television habits, whether I rode a motorcycle, if I wore a safety belt, and IF I LIVED IN A HOME WITH A HANDGUN. Not any firearm, but a handgun. They also asked about homicidal and suicidal thoughts, hearing voices, etc.
I would love to have someone ask me that. :twisted:

Drinking? yes,
TV? as much as possible,
Motorcycle? no, I drive a Jeep... why, do you know of a bike for sale?
Belt? yes, its 1.5 inches wide, made of dark brown leather
Handgun? Just one? Then, no.
Homicidal? Occasionally, when people ask me personal questions that are none of their business.
Suicidal? Only when enclosed in a room with a bleeding-heart anti-gun liberal.
Voices? They said no.
Drugs? Only on special occasions (friends birthday..etc)
Sex? Females ONLY
Smoking? Only one cigarette after sex, which lately has been down to about a pack a day

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Wiley, so what if the person refuses to undergo the evaluation?

Does the parent know where is the kid, or are they hiding her?

If I knew where my child was, there are not enough DFACs officers to keep me from bringing the child home.

I would not undergo a psychological evaluation. Nor would these people enter my home without a search warrant.

A friend of mine a while back had some issues with these DFACs people and guns in the home. They kept coming back out and wanting to poke around here, there, and everywhere, asking lots of questions about guns and even bringing armed police officers with them. There were no threats of violence or harm to the children, but my friend was afraid not to grant these people entrance, once the DFACs people started threatening arrest and seizing the kids . . . The threats were the last straw. They had been out to the house three times. One very short conversation with an attorney and the harassment stopped dead.

The friend described the change in demeanor as visible during the discussion with the attorney. He never heard from them again.

So, what happens if the parent refuses a psycho eval?

No. The answer is "no." Now give me back my kid, right now.

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