Promises and Riots

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    My mother is that situation. She worked for 35 years as a school food service director. Based on her retirement, she will get somewhere around 70-75% of her final income for the rest of her life.

    They say that her retirement is secure and not subject to California's financial woes, but she worked for a long time with the expectation that that is what she would be getting.

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    That is the whole problem with the argument against some of these legacy pensions. Going forward, I see no problem changing the system in order to make it solvent. But, people who worked their whole career with an understanding that the pension was part of their compensation package made a sort of contract. They deserve to have it upheld.
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    One could say the same for social security and medicare.......but that just won't happen!
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    The whole thing is a giant Ponzi scheme. People in front of the line will get all their money and more, to make it look successful. The sad truth is there is not enough money for everyone, so the people in the back of the line will be disappointed.

    This goes for pensions, and especially for Social Security. SS is one huge, ginormous Ponzi scheme.
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    Not just disappointed; victimized. We've been robbed at gunpoint to pay for the promises made to those that came before us.
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    Well, it doesn't HAVE to be that way. My pension, small as it is, is profits from timber grown and sold. If we ever stop using paper and cardboard, I'm in trouble.

    However, that is a sensible way to provide retirement funds. We should not expect sensible from politicians. Ever.

    So, it appears we are running out of money. What to do first -

    A: Quit sending checks to the working people with whom there was a contract - they would 'allow' (yeah, lots of choice, there) the gov't. to confiscate funds* from their paycheck with the promise they would get a retirement check in the future, or

    B: Cut off welfare payments to people who have never contributed a dime nor had any kind of contract whatsoever.

    I bet they do A.

    *Note: ask your banker if you had been putting the same amount in a compounding interest bearing account all these years, how much money you would have. I bet it will astound you. It astounded Congress also, so they did the same thing they do every time they see money - spent it.
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    I disagree. You don't have a choice on medicare and social security. On the other hand, a pension as part of compensation factors into what job you might choose. If you choose one job based on being payed $X including pension, and later found out your total compensation was going to be less that $x, then you were suckered by your employer. That is unfair.
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    I have a friend that retired from a state agency.

    51yrs of age, draws 4k a month for retirement+medical benefits.
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    But let's say the pensions we have already promised to public employees at every level are bankrupting us. (That is very likely) Which retired government employees do we tell first that we cannot afford to keep our promises and the checks they were using for living expenses in their old age will have to stop?
    Postal Workers?
    Park Rangers?
    Building Inspectors?
    Which one of those groups do we tell now that there will be no retirement income when they do retire?

    Would it be unAmerican for anyone of these people to be upset by this?
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    Thats why Federal pensions should pay out at the same rate as SS
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    My retirement, as small as it is, will be from a 401K and what little I save. I doubt I'll be able to draw an S.S. ret.
    Why should the fed. gov. contract any tax money to any employee, for retirement ?
    We start at the top and work our way down to the lonely grounds keeper. No tax money for retirement You have people that retire, from military, draw their pension, then go to work for the fed. gov. as a civilian, for an additional paycheck. Try doing that with your current employer. The gov. employees make way too much money, in my mind any way, for what they put out. Go to any gov. run office and try to get something done, you know the drill.
    I guess the only way to correct this, is to start from scratch.
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    "You have people that retire, from military, draw their pension, then go to work for the fed. gov. as a civilian, for an additional paycheck. "

    Yep, everyone that is qualified for service can do this. Most bail after first tour. So for those that stick it out to 20+, I don't see why they should not get this benefit seeing that it is a volunteer service. I could have done many things in life, but I chose the military. I have had many chances to "bail", but I continue on and it has never been for the retirement factor.

    Any one who has ever said serving 20 years in the military was easy is downplaying it. It is not easy. You get to miss nice things like you childrens birth, family funerals, birthdays, your friends that get KIA, on duty, etc.

    I agree that GOVT jobs sometime pay too much, but they aren't limited to individuals that are retired from service. Do you really expect that someone that comes in the military at 18 years old will retire at 38 and never have to work again? Should they then take that 20 years of experience and start over "from scratch" doing something different? That is a waste of talent no matter the pay they may receive.

    Guess I am biased, but If the right GOVT job comes along, I will take it, along with my retirement that I am entitled to. If it doesn't, I am happy selling spinner baits at Walmart after the years of bullshit I have had to deal with. Damn, may have found my next job! :D

    It is a good point by the way...just dropping my $.02
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    Ponzi Schemes DO NOT WORK! When the money coming in STOPS, the House of Cards FALLS!

    I just find it funny that only "Da Gubmint" is "professional enough" to RUN A PONZI SCHEME.

    If WE as citizens run a Ponzi Scheme, WE GO TO FEDERAL PRISON!

    What does that say about our politicians that continue to support MEDICARE, MEDICAID, SOCIAL SECURITY, OBAMACARE, ect?

    HMM, maybe, just maybe, they are the criminals, and they belong in federal prison, right along with MADOFF.

    Edit: If you think that Greece and the other countries were bad, when they make changes to the "entitlements" recently.... YOU AIN'T SEE NOTHING YET!. Yes, I said "ain't" because it sounds good. :lol:

    Wait until the WELFARE recipients stop getting that welfare check on the 1st and the 15th, or they reduce pay outs! You've never seen anything like this before. The riots that we had in Watts and other big riots were nothing!

    When the welfare people, who are sucking off the gubmint teat, cannot go to the grocery store and buy their food with food stamps, and they can't cash their checks and go out and buy drugs, booze, and women with it, WATCH OUT! They are going to raid the grocery stores, and when those run out, they are coming for YOU! Your food, your things, maybe even your life.

    Its going to happen, if our government keeps going the way they are going. It will be WWIII in America.

    Got militia? Got ammo? Got Guns? Got Vitamins? Got Beans and Rice? Got Water? You better... its going to happen one day. I just wish I only knew when so I could more adequately prepare.
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    So how would you handle this? Ban retired military from further government service?

    Maybe if you go back to work for the feds, it acts like you came out of retirement?
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    maybe a better way would be for those people not to recieve 2 retirements from the gov?
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    Politicians!!!! Especially Congress!!
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    You mean like social security and a pension?