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Senator Cornym's CCW reciprocity bill seems to have engendered a renewed appreciation for some of the neglected aspects of our foundational government document, the US Constitution. I am amazed to see progressives citing the 10th amendment for, what seems, the first time in decades.

Interestingly the twist to this is using the same laws that were used to fight against oppressive local laws and ordinances that suppressed civil and voting rights. Reciprocity for CCW could be our version of the Voting Rights Act. When Democrats made voting so difficult for Blacks that their ability to exercise their Constitutionally protected right was in effect denied, the Federal Government stepped in. Now that Democrats are doing the same thing, by making the ability to keep and bear arms effectively impossible by cost and regulation, the Federal Government once again, has the duty to step in.

As I noted above, in traditional progressive fashion, opponents of this measure immediately jumped on preserving NYC's hyper-restrictive CCW rules by invoking "states rights."
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