Prison Parking Lots

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    Thanks for this forum!

    My wife works at a prison.
    There's a WMA range not far away.
    I think, drive her to work, play at the range, pick her up, go home.
    But wait!
    The guard line is encompassing the parking lot.
    The driveway to the gate is a mile long.
    There's no way to bring the guns!
    If you're like me, I have a ton of stuff when I go out for the day.
    If she drops me off at the range, theres no way to secure my stuff if I go to take a wizz, or if some accident occured, med evac.

    Now there is a proviso...
    It shall be unlawful for any person to come inside the guard lines established at any jail with, or to give or have delivered to an inmate of a jail, any controlled substance, dangerous drug, marijuana, or any gun, pistol, or other dangerous weapon without the knowledge and consent of the jailer or a law enforcement officer.

    But what does it mean, and how could I implement it?

    Thanks for any ifo!

    It's just too sweet to be able to spend the whole day at the range!
    (...with my wife's permission)
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    This guard line thing is a bit of a problem. I have seen counties where the jail is adjacent to the courthouse and the guard line signs are out at the street entrance to the driveway. The parking lot serves several different gov't buildings. Why not just put up guard line signs all along the city limits? This is also the parking lot of a public gathering (i.e., public building), which has been incorporated by case law. This all, of course, needs to be changed.