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PrintScan Fingerprinting in Atlanta

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Online Form 1 and Form 4 ATF applications can now include electronic fingerprints encrypted in a .EFT file. I was doing an online Form 1 and I figured this would be a convenient option so went on a mission to accomplish this, partly for the benefit of other group members in the future. Here is my journey.

1. There are several Safe Scan Fingerprinting LLC locations in and outside metro Atlanta with electronic fingerprint scanning but none of these seem able to provide the required EFT files.

2. I found several online references that some "The UPS Store" locations can fingerprint and provide the EFT file but as I googled and called around, none of them did. It was actually kind of funny as I started with one near my house that said they didn't do this but told me of another location that did. That location said they didn't but knew a different location that did. That location didn't but... Anyway, no fingerprint love found at The UPS Store.

3. I called a couple background check outfits that offer fingerprinting services, some with electronic scanners, but none provided the elusive EFT files.

4. I found the website which claimed specifically to be able to provide EFT files acceptable by the ATF. Their website showed two locations in metro Atlanta in Dunwoody and Forest Park. Woo hoo.

Using their website,, I scheduled an appointment for the next day at the Dunwoody location. This was quite easy with very detailed instructions and simple online forms. Cost was $65 via credit card but they didn't actually charge the card until after the appointment was completed. All I needed for the appointment was a QR code sent to me in email and 2 forms of ID from lists provided on the web site when filling out the form and again in the appointment email.

The actual location is a mailing and printing shop in a small strip mall called Mail Center Etc. I showed up 10 minutes early and there were no other customers there. The lady working there took my QR code, looked over my ID documents (passport and DL), and took me over to the PrintScan kiosk. She was very familiar and efficient with the process and had me finished in about 5 minutes. I was actually done before my scheduled appointment time.

A file download link was in my email when I got home and the resultant file was accepted by the ATF online forms system.

If you want to go electronic on your fingerprints, you now have at least these two options in metro Atlanta. If you instead feel electronic fingerprinting will somehow steal your soul, or this is a waste of $65 when your county PD will do paper cards for free, please leave your comments in the "Don't Really Care" subforum.

There may be some county and local PDs in GA that can provide the required EFT file. If so, do mention them.
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The FBI office off Clairmont Rd can provide the files. Also, if you’ve used Silencer Shop for a form 4 you can go through them, and use they will use the prints and passport photo they hav on file.
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So where do all of you go?
So where do all of you go?
I went to Flying Monkey Firearms in Lawrenceville for the whole process of Form-1 for SBR. They did the finger-print scans and all of my paper-work, plus photo, and submitted it for me. Mine came back in 35-days.
So where do all of you go?
I used a SilencerShop kiosk last time.
I used a SilencerShop kiosk last time.
I did Silencer Shop online for my form 1. They already has my prints on file from my form 4 last year.
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