Primary Arms red dot.

Discussion in 'Firearm Related' started by murrybird, Jan 22, 2011.

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    I a big fan of Oleg Volk,who has a good many photos of models(who are shooters) using Primary Arms red dots on their weapons. THis is why I chose this company for my budget red dot.

    Well, gotta say - I am a little more than disappointed in the product. While, yes, it only cost me 101.00 for the item(got the M4 red dot from them). I did realize it was a budget item, I was expect it to be something sub-par of other budget red dots out there.

    If you put the brightness setting above 3 it blurs and star burst to the point you can tell if it was a cross or circul with a dot.

    I guess it is true what they say, live and learn, and better to buy once than twice.

    I will now be saving up for an Eotech 512,and eventually put the Primary Arms on the Moss 500 persuader.
  2. Thanks. You just saved me money and disappointment. I hear folks talking highly about thier scopes but hadn't known anyone with one.

  3. ChipM

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    I've been very happy with my Primary Arms M3 clone.
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    Have you called the guy at Primary Arms and asked if your experiences are normal? I've got one of their M3 clones and one of their latest gen micro dots. Both are very sharp with the micro being slightly better. It's as sharp as any of my real Aimpoints. You could have a dud. From All accounts I've heard they P.A. guy will make it right.

    The other reason your optic's dot looks weird is you may have an astigmatism. Had the old Mk.1 Mod. 0 eyeballs checked out lately? My cousin got walloped in the eye a few years back and has all sorts of issues due to that. He describes the view through any of my red dots very similarly to what you posted.
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    I bought a really cheap red dot for 30 bucks for my AR. I found out that it was for airsoft haha! Funny thing though, it has hold its zero so far and works great! Lame but it works. I have a laser bore sighter and after everything was setup I was hitting dead center with it at Autrey's and this is my first AR-15 (my first rifle in general actually). I actually started reading the comments under it and a lot of the guys were using it for their real rifles, not airsoft. I have it sitting on two YHM risers and now the whole thing is co-witnessed with my A2 front sight and my Magpul flip up rear. ... B001BQZSZ4
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    Another alternative is the Votex Sparc or Strikefire, a bit more pricey but the Strikefire has been bulletproof on my AR. I ordered it from Primary and it came with the high mount that co-witnesses with the front sight.
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    The only time mine starts to flare is on 9 or 10/10 power setting in a dark room, but an Aimpoint reticle does the exact same thing when you max it out.... so I dont blame the PA sight at all. In all honesty i think you just got a bad one, there are hundreds upon hundreds of positive reviews on PA sights at barfcom, including the M4.

    Im the first one to admit its no Aimpoint or Eotech, but its "good enough" for just about any use besides combat. My reticles are very sharp, crisp, and have no artifacts. Its way more clear than an Eotech, on par with an Aimpoint as far as clarity goes. It does not get as bright as a real aimpoint does, and of course the battery life is 1,000 hours versus X years. But for $80 the value is outstanding and has been great in my use.

    The owner of Primary arms is great about exchanges for defective products, Im sure he would be glad to exchange you a new one if you emailed him. I would suggest doing that before writing off Primary Arms completely.....

    And like Coolhand said, if your eyes aren't 20/20 with no astigmatism the dot will look funny. Ive got a friend who swears he sees multiple dots inside my red dot, but its just his eyes, I only see one sharp dot.
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    I did get an email,and got to be honest, this is my first red dot, so the star bursting at higher settings too me my surprised. I did turn it down, to where it looked normal, then turned it back up while looking out my windown with the day light - it still looked normal. There was no doubling or flaring.

    Guess I just freaked, but will say their product is decent for what I bought it for.

    I did email PA back and thanked them for their advice on how to operate the red dot.