Pregnant Teen Attacked on Bus

Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by Phil1979, Dec 16, 2010.

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    A pregnant teen and her boyfriend were attacked by five teenage girls.

    Question: If your pregnant wife was attacked on a bus by teenage girls while you were there, is your firearm going to make an appearance? And once it does, if they don't stop, are you going to shoot?

    These are not really yes/no questions. There can be a lot of factors involved. For example, your health. If you can't fight due to recent surgery, you may be more likely to shoot if they don't stop their attack. Or you may feel that simply yelling that you have a gun will stop them. Maybe it would and maybe it wouldn't.
  2. 175FO

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    Absolutely, I can use my firearm to protect the life of another person, A beating may not kill a full grown woman but it could certainly kill her unborn child. Of course this opens up the whole is a fetus a human life discussion. My personal opinion is yes it is and like any other it is a life worth defending.

  3. gruntpain1775

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    I'm with the FO on this one. First one to touch my prego wife gets lead.
  4. AV8R

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    I agree 100%
  5. Quest50

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    Agreed. It'd be tough to fight the "excessive force" charge in court a few empty magazines later.... I don't care what gender the assailants are, if I had a pregnant wife, that's my (future?) child at risk, and I'll be damned if there's enough force on this earth that i would consider "excessive".
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    While my wife was pregnant, I remember feeling a great need to protect her, and her belly from any idiot out in public that would bump into her really hard to the point of knocking her over or just anyone that would bump into her belly really hard. Either could cause serious damage to an unborn child. My wife actually had both happen to her, and I can remember saying something each time it happened as well. One time this crazy lady with her sons, rammed her cart into my wife very hard at Wal-mart, causing her to go down hard on one knee. I didn't care that her sons were twice my size. I let her have a piece of my mind. I was armed CC, so they didn't know I was armed. Funny thing was that her two huge sons were all talk and I set them straight pretty well. Not as well as I would have liked, though.

    If someone were literally beating my pregnant wife, and the there is such a disparity of force, and nothing else I did or could do would stop the attack other than my firearm, I would certainly not hesitate to use it. Meaning my firearm would be absolutely necessary to stop an attack that could kill my unborn child.

    This is one messed up situation, that is for sure.
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    :righton: :righton:

    I won't be having children anytime soon (or hell even anytime for that matter) but I feel the same way. Good job for protecting the misses like that too!!!!
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    I've always said I could never hit a woman. Even if I was violently attacked by a woman, I couldn't hit her. But in defense of my pregnant wife/girlfriend, that's a different story. I would get downright vicious in that situation, and if I was armed, I'm sure it'd be making a peacekeeping appearance.

    As for those girls, they'll never contribute to society. Execute them.
  9. dcannon1

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    I'd just point and say, "Hey it's that Justin Bieber kid!"


    In all seriousness I would probably try to control the situation without a firearm first, but once it came down to the wife's/child's health the gun would come out.
  10. Shatho

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    Lead would be flying if I saw a pregnant woman, my wife or not, getting attacked.
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    I feel the same way that you guys do but after watching that video I realized you would really have to think about how to pull off a clean shot because of the population density in there.
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    I like to think that I would be able to handle this situation without using deadly force.

    If I saw a pregnant woman being attacked in similar fashion to the scenario in the video, I'd try to position myself between her and the attackers, instruct her to go to the front of the bus and to tell the driver that an assault was taking place, and to stop the bus and open the door so she (and others) could exit. Somene (probably the driver) would call the police.

    If I took any blows from the attackers, I'd be thinking of grabbing a hand and breaking a finger, kicking a knee, stomping an instep or delivering an open-palm thrust to the nose.

    Firing a weapon on a crowded bus could easily result in casualties to innocent bystanders, either from the gunfire itself or the ensuing panic. I tend NOT to talk to perps or show my weapon. Basically, if my weapon leaves its holster, I have already decided that I am going to fire it.