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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by pro2am, Oct 13, 2006.

  1. pro2am

    pro2am New Member

    Just wondering what you all prefer to carry as your primary gun and why (comfort, reliability, big bang, really big bang, accuracy, etc.).
  2. GAGunOwner

    GAGunOwner Active Member

    Kel-Tec P-11 9mm.

    I carry it because it is relatively cheap, $220-320, (which matters at this point in my life), it has good capacity(10+1), and it is very light and concealable for a pistol of it's size and caliber. I feel safe knowing that it will go bang when I pull the trigger and that it will not go bang unless I pull the trigger. It is pretty acurate considering the limitations of this pistol.

    Because of GA's laws I feel that it is important to conceal well. I also think that it is important to have a pistol big enough to show a bad guy that you are serious, sometimes I think that pulling out a little pocket pistol might not intemidate a bad guy. You don't exactly want to pull a pocket gun on someone with a full-sized pistol but I'd be confident enough in the P-11 to do that. I have three holsters for it. A regular belt holster, an inside the wasteband holster, and an ankle holster (the gun is light enough to carry on my ankle comfortably). I also carry a spare loaded 10 rd. mag. and a tactical folding knife.

    My other pistols are not exactly very good pistols for concealed carry, that is why I rarely, if ever, carry them.

    I've been looking into upgrading with a Kahr PM40, but I just can't afford it at this time. I'll wait until better financial times. I'd like something with a little more stopping power than 9mm.
    I'm not a very large man, probably the lower end of average so it is hard for me to conceal a large pistol well.

  3. asbrand

    asbrand Active Member

    East German Makarov in 9x18mm.

    Small and easily concealable, w/o being TOO small.

    Simple, great quality, accurrate.

    And, since it is all steel...if I run outta ammo, it makes a great bludgeoning weapon... :shock: 8)
  4. grayelky

    grayelky New Member

    If I have on pockets, I have a North American Arms mini .22 LR. It is 5 shot, and will likely get me to where there is a real gun. When I leave the house, I generally have my KelTec P40, .40 S&W on my side. Light weight and has a real punch, unfortunately on both ends. I have recently located a .357 Sig barrel for it, and will switch over to that caliber. When we travel, I carry a S&W 469 loaded with Federal 115 Hydra Shoks. The spare mag is loaded with 115 gr ball. If I need to deal with an automobile or an otherwise barricaded goblin, I simply change mags. My truck gun is currently a S&W model 65, 4" barrel .357. I am looking for a 3" barrel of the same gun to keep in the truck. No valid reason, I just like the 3" model 65.

    Any of these guns can be replaced relatively easily, except for the 469. (It is one of the Lew Horton special issue models.) If the gun is used, the Police will take it as evidence until the case is adjudicated. I could be without it for years. Also, if one were to get stolen, I will not cry over the loss, just be real mad.
  5. GAGunOwner

    GAGunOwner Active Member

    Kel-Tec .40 cal?

    I've heard that they weren't very reliable, I would have gotten one but I believe that Kel-Tec quit making them. I heard that the round was just too much for the Kel-Tec platform. Have you had any problems with it? I'd be interested in hearing anything further you have to say about it.

    Oh and I forgot to mention above that in my P-11 I carry 9mm. 124 gr. Federal Hydra Shoks.
  6. grayelky

    grayelky New Member

    I suspect the biggest problem with the P40 is the recoil. Most people likely limp wrist it. It is not necessarily fun to shoot. After about 3 or 4 mags, I am ready to change to something else. If a P11 is next, it seems almost like a .22.

    I have not had any failure to feed or failure to extract problems. I also have shot mostly 180 grain bullets, which I have recently learned seem to cause problems. I have not had any.

    The only problem I have ever had occurred on the 4th shot out of my .357 Sig barrel. Something happened and the trigger seems to be "unattached" inside the frame. I have not taken it apart to check it out. The good news is, if it is actually broken, KT will fix it at no charge. (In the for-what-it-is-worth department: The .357 Sig seems MUCH milder to me. It seems to have only slightly more recoil than the 9mm, and a lot less than the .40)

    I like the KT products. I have had a P32, and currently have a P3-AT in addition to the P40. I have just made arrangements to get a Hard Chrome P11. This will become my wife's gun. If I were to run across another P40 at a reasonable price, I will probably get it.

    I believe the P40 was discontinued about 5 years ago. If you run across a P40 in good shape, get it. If you want to learn more about the KelTecs, go to
  7. Pede

    Pede New Member

    I pack a Glock model 19, 9mm. conceals well. By the way, I was looking at my manual and it doesn't say whether this model is +P rated. Does anyone know whether it's ok to shoot +Ps in the model 19? Right now I use Federal Personal Defense ammo, 135 grain HP.
  8. mzmtg

    mzmtg Active Member

    I usually carry:

    HK USP .40 in a Comp-Tac CTAC
    Spare 13 rnd magazine
    Surefure G2 flashlight
    Some sort of folding knife
  9. tony218

    tony218 New Member

    right now i carry s&w 469, 147 gr. jhp in both mags.

    i'm looking at s&w sw9ve to replace this with.
    does anyone have any comments on this gun?
    good or bad i would like to hear them.

    i know some people love them and some hate them
    i think some of the ones that hate them never really
    owned one. i think some of the hate my be political.
  10. artz

    artz New Member

    If that particular smith is the older model version, I thought about one about 4 years back, but I was talked out of it rather quickly by the dealer (who was a friend). He said it was a throw away gun. The life expectancy was about 2500 to 3000 rounds. I'm sure it wasn't true, but I wasn't taking any chances.
    Anywho... I have never met anyone who owns one.
    Tony, Have you thought about Kel-tec's new 9mm ? That would be a good combo with a back pocket holster like Bret points out in the link.
  11. tony218

    tony218 New Member

    from what i understand the first sigma versions of this
    gun were "junk" but smith has fixed all the problems
    that the first ones had and now is a very reliable gun
    i have heard that since it is DAO that it has like a 12 pound
    trigger pull, i dry fired one in the gun store and it didn't
    seem that heavy to me. i say dry fired but actually used
    a snap cap.

    artz, no i havn't, but i will
    i'm not really interested in pocket carry but i will look
    at the kel-tec's.

    it's really been a toss up between a glock 19 and the sw9ve
    i don't like the design of the glock trigger
  12. johnpeace

    johnpeace Guest

    Kimber CDP Pro is my favorite...but I carry a full-size SA 1911 a lot too.

    CDP Pro is a 4" 1911. It's light, thin but offers full-size performance.

    I carry IWB in a milt sparks VM II, or, if I need to tuck, a CompTac C-TAC.

    Extra mags are in either a belt carrier (or, if I'm tucked in, strong side front pocket).

    I have a glock 30 I carry's a little shorter and easier to sit on, but thicker and heavier.
  13. Macktee

    Macktee New Member

    I carry a revolver, the S&W model 60LS. Yeah, the "Ladysmith" model. It fits my delicate widdle hands quite nicely thank you. It's reasonably small and light and conceals nicely in a Galco IWB holster I wear cross-draw style.

    I place a higher value on reliability than high capacity and reliability with a revolver is just about 100%. The gun only holds five rounds, but they're five .357 rounds and should be capable of getting the job done should that ever be necessary.

    If nothing else, the noise alone would probably frighten off most evil-doers...
  14. foshizzle

    foshizzle New Member

    My primary is my Kimber Ultra CDP. Bianchi OWB holster. Sometimes carry an extra mag but not always.

    When deeper concealability is needed I pack my S&W 642 instead. The little J-Frame is only 15oz's and with some Winchester SXT hollowpoints, I feel it's effective enough. I highly recommend this wheelgun by the way... excellent buy at ~300 bucks slightly used.
  15. Malum Prohibitum

    Malum Prohibitum Moderator Staff Member


    H&K USP45C

    No Compromise.


  16. Bulldawg182

    Bulldawg182 Active Member

    I carry a Kel-Tec P40 also. It's light weight, easy to conceal (especially with the addition of the attachable belt clip) and still carries more than enough rounds and .40 cal. knockdown power.

    I concur with those who say it's not a fun gun to shoot as it will wreak havoc with your wrist if you let it, but it's accurate and dependable enough to get the job done. I'll take it to the range and shoot two or three clips with it and that's enough for me. After at least 500 rounds, I've yet to have a problem. I've read that those having a problem tend to have it after really heating up the barrel.....something I've never done and don't intend to do.
  17. Gunstar1

    Gunstar1 Administrator

    Summer Carry - Kel Tec P3-AT, because it is small, light weight, and easy to conceal with any outfit.

    Winter Carry - Springfield XD-40, it is big but with big winter clothing you cant see it.
  18. Mojoski

    Mojoski New Member

    I carry a XD-9 subcompact.

    I'm hoping to get myself a Kel-tec P11, or something comparable, before it gets hot again.
  19. GeorgiaGlocker

    GeorgiaGlocker Romans 10:13

    I normally switch between my Glock 19 and my Glock 26. The 26 is a little easier to conceal than the 19. I carry in both Speer Gold Dots 124 gr GDHP.

    Pede: It is okay to use +p ammo in your Glock 19.