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    Okay gang posted here as it was in the UofGa newspaper. Below is the original article and below it my daughter's proposed response. Anyone have any other suggestions for where she can find stats will be appreciated!!!


    Start of my "I should be allowed to carry" Daughter's response..

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    Good response. Had thought put into it vs. the editorial.

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    I would add citation notes to reference where your crime stats came from. And if you can reference multiple sources, even better.

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    machine guns aren't banned, just heavily regulated. No need to spead the "machine guns are bad" mentality. Machine guns are perfectly legal and she should say such.
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    Good response. I'd check for word restrictions on submissions. There may be a limit of 200 words or somesuch.

    Some additional thoughts below.
    Jared bought his Glock on November 30th for its eventual use on January 9, 40 days later. How long of a wait would be enough?

    AZ law prohibits guns being sold to anyone found mentally incompetent or a "danger to himself and others". No court anywhere ever made such a finding. How will an "improved" background check find anything more?

    How does passing more laws do anything to control the behavior of lawless people?
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    In a google search I found this interesting chart about half the way down the page Death by Gun control
    I would also look at Mexico's stats and see how their gun laws are working for them.

    Someone posted this link the other day on here I think. This is more local ... tml?hpt=C1

    and of course down at “Guns Good Bans Badâ€. Report

    These links cover both civilian and government issues, but the end result is disarming people gets people killed. Maybe these help you.
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    Mr. Menkus has done a fine job! :righton:
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    The NFA was passed in 1934, MGs that could be imported and later transfered were banned in 1968, and new transferable MGs were banned in 1986 so I'm not sure where she got "1927" from?
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    Kind of scary how people with misinformation can get it published so easily.....even if it is a school newspaper.

    Music "theory" major? Really? :lol:
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    The Arizona shootings show the problem with NOT effectively banning combat guns with high capacity magazines.
    I'm sure this murderer racked-up a bigger body count because of his 33 round magazine, compared to a "normal" 15 round one or an AWB-complaint 10-rounder.
    And it's a good thing he didn't use hollowpoints (I assume he didn't because of what the doctors said about Rep. Giffords' brain wound) because that would certainly have increased the body count by at least one more-- the main target and the most important VIP there.

    I'm not saying it's worth banning assault weapons or high capacity mags to save a few lives here and there.

    But I am saying in this case the type of weapon and magazine and ammo the killer chose had HUGE consequences.

    It's not like the D.C. / Maryland sniper case, where the type of weapon and ammo was pretty much irrelevant. Shooting one shot at a time from inside a vehicle at distances averaging about 100 yards, those killers could have done the same damage with any kind of rifle-- bolt, lever, pump, break-open-- in just about any caliber.
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    Very good response, and good job in raising a smart daughter that can think for herself instead of becoming one of the increasing number of sheeple out there.