Possible man with gun call?

Discussion in 'LEO Encounters' started by tbm1, Sep 22, 2017.

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    So two weeks ago my wife and I took our 7month old son to Helen for the weekend. Any way my wife wanted to go in a store that our stroller really wouldn't fit in. There was an outdoor sitting area for a restaurant that was shaded so I pushed my son over and I just sat down at a picnic table and waited for my other halfs return. The place wasn't open yet but I did see a few employees preparing for lunch. Any way I noticed will sitting my shirt had ridden up over my gun. Didn't think anything of it, my wife came out and wanted to go use restroom so we walked down the alley toward the public restrooms, as we passed the entrance to the restaurant I noticed a sign that read absolutely no firearms. Wife went ahead to bathroom and I sat on a bench with my son. I looked up and officer was walking toward me, as he was walking up I told him Good morning he returned the gesture and proceeded past me. Well wife comes out and we head back the way we came, as we pass the restaurant entrance sure enough there is the officer talking to a lady that proceeded to point in my direction. I wasn't approached after that, maybe they called maybe they called or maybe a coincidence who knows. Just thought I would share
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    I have open carried in Helen lots of times with no problem at all. I know the restaurant that you are talking about and I remember seeing the "gunbuster" sign also. That is the only place in all of Helen that I remember seeing anything like that.

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    Helen is where somebody was handling his pistol sitting at a bench or maybe one of the sidewalk cafés causing it to fire and kill someone across the street. So, I imagine they could be hyper vigilant about seeing people carrying now.

    My own experience is here, which was before the incident.

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    I openly carried in Helen about 3 weeks ago, with no issues. Went into various stores. I guess they were more interested in my credit card than my sidearm. :lol:

    But I know a spooked sheep will occasionally call a government approved man with a gun, because they know it takes a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun. Oh, but only if the good guy with a gun has a badge. :roll:
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    Thanks for the tip on that one. Put some humor in my day.
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    Yeah I know Pauls on the river is signed. I’ve carried concealed there before...nothing big...
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    I never thought of it like that before. Thanks! :cheers: