Portland Commuter Rail murders

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    A white American guy was harassing two Muslim women on a MARTA type light rail train in Portland, OR the other day. (It's called the Tri-Met system over there).

    A couple of Good Samaritans got involved and the Hatriot pulled a knife and killed them.

    Tri-Met has a published "no weapons" policy that only allows carrying knives, or guns, by police officers.

    However, it seems that state preemption applies to this public mass transit system, and thus it's "legal" for citizens with weapons carry permits to carry on the trains, although the rail service won't publicly admit it or do anything to encourage permit holders to exercise that right.

    BOTTOM LINE: When dealing with A-holes in public, keep in mind some of those SOB's are crazy. You can't assume that they know or respect any boundaries. Yeah, this white trash P.O.S. had a "first amendment right" to express his hatred for Islam in public. He may not have been committing a crime by harrassing Muslims. (or maybe he was-- sometimes harassment can be criminal). But the point is, if it looks like a nut and acts like a nut, TREAT IT like a nut, and be ready for anything. You can't tell how that nutjob is going to react.
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    2 people stabbed to death after confronting a man shouting 'hate speech' at Muslim women on train
    ... after trying to confront a man who was verbally abusing two women who appeared to be Muslim, according to police officials cited in The Oregonian.

    One individual died at the scene and the other died at the hospital, the newspaper said.

    The suspect, a white male, was reportedly shouting "hate speech or biased language," and focused on the younger women — one of whom was wearing a hijab, said Portland Police spokesman ...


    Another article's quote: "Another witness says she saw two women who appeared to be of Middle Eastern-descent get on the train. At least one of them was wearing a headdress. The suspect was asking them questions when he got belligerent. When another bystander tried to calm him down, the man took out a knife and began stabbing people."

    That one from: http://www.wweek.com/uncategorized/...top-anti-muslim-bullying-of-women-passengers/

    Here's my take on it:

    If the guy is insane, then kill him humanely. Death penalty for the sake of public safety, and the safety or other prisoners and guards in the corrections system. Even if he's not "responsible" for his actions, given his mental state. He's still too dangerous to let live. Anywhere. Pray for him, give him gas, give him a needle, and send him off this Earth.

    If he's not insane, then just kill him. Immediately after his conviction. No need to make it particularly humane or bloodless. He deserves nothing more than a sure and public execution. It can by ugly and messy for all I care. Let him serve as an example for others. Society has a right to his blood.
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    Actually Portland doesn't have anything like MARTA. MARTA runs heavy rail trains as a high speed subway. This isn't commuter rail either, their commuter rail system is the Westside Express service which does connect with MAX, but is a separate type. The closest Atlanta has is the streetcar, which is a light rail vehicle running in streets, though it's currently not operated by MARTA.
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    Some follow up info. Guy was either seriously anti-social or just looney tunes from way back.



    Click link above to go read the rest of the article.
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