Ponderosa Trading Company - Waynesboro/Augusta Area

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  1. ComaWhite

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    This is a new shop that is located on Mike Padgett Hwy (56) heading out towards Waynesboro from the Augusta/Bobby Jones area. Down 23 to the left 13 miles is Yuqui WMA shooting range.

    This place has a good atmosphere, albeit humble beginnings, they buy/sell/trade anything and its a husband and wife operation so I will do my best to see it that they get my money whenever possible.

    They had some Smith BG's, LCR's, LCP's etc that would be popular on GCDO in stock the last time I was there. The owner is a really laid back guy and isn't pushy.

    I am in no way affiliated/related to them, but its nice to see a new shop in the CSRA because our selection is terrible and we just lost the outdoors place on Washington road a few months ago.
  2. athenstiger

    athenstiger New Member

    great selection for a small shop

    worth stopping by if you are in the area for sure

  3. soldierlaney

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    i have been planning to stop by there for a while now i have heard they have good prices
  4. rustygun

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    This is a new store. They are building everyday. The staff is great. The prices can't be beat. If they don't have what you want they can order. Have bought several items.
    Note, if you are traving towards Waynesboro on Hwy 56 from Augusta and pass Hwy 23 on the left slam on brakes this building is on the right about 200 yards down Ponderosa Dr. Is a small sign advertizing the store. on hwy 56
  5. southron

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    i have traded there and sought advice as well. the owner is very knowledgeable and friendly. this is a super place to shop as he will go a long way towards satisfying you. they have my vote!