Police Officer Anthony Jon Holly end of watch

Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by legacy38, Jul 25, 2007.

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    When I read these things, I assume they were probably committing another crime. Any idea what, if any?

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    I've not read anything on this one other than what is on the linked page. Sometimes people just do bad things because they are truly bad people. Sometimes they do things because they are afraid. An Ole Miss campus officer was killed last year when a student that was stopped freaked out and took off running over the officer and dragging him to death. Stuff like that and the tragedy in the linked story are why officers get keyed up on stops.
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    I guess thats why when I get pulled over I try to do all the things that will show an officer I am trying to help lower the awareness level. (windows down, dome light on at night, hands where they should be and all that jazz)