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Police kill man who shot 5 at law firm

By DOUG SIMPSON, Associated Press Writer1 hour, 20 minutes ago

ALEXANDRIA, La. - Police shot and killed a man who shot five people in a downtown law office, killing two of them, the mayor said early Friday.

John Ashley, a 63-year-old former city worker, opened fire Thursday afternoon. Two of the wounded managed to escape, and police rescued a third. Ashley remained in the building with the two remaining victims, who police found dead after using explosives to enter the building early Friday.

They killed Ashley in an exchange of gunfire, mayor Jacques Roy said. No officers were injured.

The mayor declined to speculate about Ashley's motive. The gunman had retired as a city maintenance worker.

The shootout ended a standoff that lasted hours and caused police to block off much of downtown. Before the deadly shooting, the gunman had repeatedly fought off officers' attempts to reach the victims and shot at a remote-controlled police robot sent into the building, police said.

Police Chief Daren Coutee said officers called Ashley repeatedly on his cell phone and the office phone throughout the day but he refused to talk.

"We did all we could do as far as negotiations were concerned," Coutee said.

Roy identified one of the dead as Joey Giordano, son of attorney Camille Giordano, who was shot but not killed. The other person killed was Marty Fields, a postal worker who was delivering mail to the law firm when he walked in on the shootings, Roy said.

The (Alexandria) Town Talk newspaper reported that Camille Giordano, bloodied and in boxer shorts, emerged from the building after police arrived and was taken to a hospital. A call to a hospital spokeswoman was not immediately returned.

The Rapides Regional Medical Center identified the other victims as Sam Giordano, an attorney, and Andrea Fletcher Price, the law firm's secretary.

Sam Giordano, 49, was in serious condition, and Price, 27, was in fair condition, said Courtney Michiels, a hospital spokeswoman.

The law office, converted from a one-story family home, is located near the Rapides Parish Courthouse.

The shooting rampage astounded people who know Ashley.

"I've never heard him raise his voice. I never heard of him being violent," said Charlie Gilmore, Ashley's neighbor and a local pastor.

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