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The measure, which would legalize concealed weapons on public school grounds for permit holders, has gained strong support from many students and those in the House, with most opposition coming from school administrators and police officials.
Secondly, many opponents don't recognize that crime with concealed carry permits is largely nonexistent. The recent killings by a man in Beaufort with a concealed carry permit is the first instance of such a crime since SLED began issuing concealed weapons permits more than a decade ago. In terms of statistical analysis, concealed weapon crime is statistically irrelevant.
While those responsible for security on campuses have some authority behind their opinions, just because they are police officials does not necessarily mean their opinions are right. The Virginia Legislature considered a similar bill in January 2006 and struck it down. "I'm sure the university community is appreciative of the General Assembly's actions," said Larry Hincker, Virginia Tech's spokesperson. "This will help parents, students, faculty and visitors feel safe on our campus." A little more than one year later, a school shooter took the lives of 32 students on that campus.

Clemson University Police Chief Johnson Link said in a safety meeting that the police department does not have the manpower to secure the entire campus. Yet, Link is one of the leading critics of the bill. In doing so, Link, as well as other opponents, have essentially said that although his department does not have the ability to protect students, students should also not have the ability to protect themselves. ... 24/-1/LIFE
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