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    The other day I did some backyard practice with a .177 air pistol (slow and accurate shooting), and on a whim I decided to try one shot at a 6" round balloon HIP SHOOTING from 10 yards.

    Popped it on the first try.

    Set up another at 20 yards / 60 feet. Blew that one up a bit fuller, maybe 8" diameter.

    Nicked it and made it move!

    This is holding the gun down at belly button level, not chest level.

    I do quite a bit of practice point-shooting through dry firing with my S&W .38 snubby with laser grips, BUT that gun is so much smaller than the big 5" barreled pellet pistol I was using now, I didn't think the skills would transfer over.

    Who else practices point shooting, without using any sights?

    P.S. Pic is not me, nor did I take it. It's just some random internet photo showing about how I held my gun.

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  2. zetor

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    I tried it a few times. Not something I ever practiced. Never could hit anything.
    Bill Jordan shows how it's done.

  3. Feral

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    I have on occasion when shooting somewhere that I can do it safely. I was surprisingly accurate.
  4. rjinga

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    What Feral said.
  5. RedDawnTheMusical

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    Same. Definitely a shooting style to practice considering the likely self-defense shooting scenarios that one might find themselves in. Most scenarios will have your target easily within point-shooting distance. Point shooting and C.A.R. make solid additions to any shooting practice.
  6. Savannah Dan

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    I can point shoot well with my M57. Not well at all with the others.
  7. Malum Prohibitum

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    Did you fan the hammer with your left hand?
  8. ken grant

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    I do it all the time but not just from the hip . I start at the hip and then move up to mid-chest , shoulder level ,chin level , mouth level and finish at nose level . All depending on distance and size of target .
    My favorite drill is to scatter fired shot shells on the berm , low, high , left and right. Draw and point shoot at them from the different levels I use above at about 3 to 8 yards.
    Yes I do pick them up afterwards and save them for the next time .
    I hit a few , make a few move and miss a lot but always close enough to defend myself against them .
    I use an Air Soft copies of my pistols at home in the back yard and do the same drills but mostly with tennis balls .
    At the range I mostly use .22 LR Conversion Kits for my pistols ( have 1 or 2 for every pistol I own) and sometimes the full caliber to keep being used to the louder noise and more recoil .
    I mostly fire single shots at each draw but do add in double taps randomly .
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  9. GeorgeShootaire

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    Yeah that's not PS. That's shooting from the hip. A little different...