Plenty of people want to repeal the "public gathering&q

Discussion in 'GA Laws and Politics' started by mzmtg, Jun 26, 2006.

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    We need to change more than that. Our permit is the laughing stock of the nation. It can pretty much be rendered useless by any judge citing the "public gathering" clause.

    The permit should have no restrictions except for courtrooms.
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    Courtrooms - only in certain situations and only if the lockbox is outside so you can drop it off on the way in and pick it up on your way out.

    "Laughingstock of the nation?" No, unfortunately it's not that even here. Everybody thinks that Georgia has gun-friendly laws. I rarely meet anyone who even knows about the restrictions, and then, when they learn of the restrictions, they tend to agree with the restrictions . . .

    Sometimes they change their mind if I can remember to point to specific states without such a restriction and demonstrate that it has not created a problem in those states (such as public transportation carry allowed in almost 90% of the states - oh, and subway shootings occurring in the states that do not allow carry). :wink:

    Mike, a member here, created a great study of the off limits places in other states that is very useful for this purpose.
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    I was having lunch at Hooters a couple weeks ago when in walked 5 or 6 plain closed cops open carrying (I saw that one of them had a badge on his belt). No one seemed disturbed in the least (and I'd bet many didn't even notice). It just reminded me again how screwed up our laws are; I should be able to do that too! :x
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    geaux_tigers, Seeing that you are from Marietta. Which Hooters was it? Kennesaw possibly? I know a few girls from high school that work at that location.

    I obviously also agree it is BS that LEO's get special treatment. Do we all not have the right to self defense? What makes an officer more able to make a decison in a life or death situation while not on duty? Simply because they have had deadly force traning? I'm sure most gun owners who legally carry, know what self defense is in a deadly situation. And go to the shooting range often. So you can't say they have firearm training more than a civilan. I've been to ranges with LEO they all aren't crack shots. They can risk inocent lives the same way.

    It's in our blood... It's the type of person you are. :lol: You are a Man or Woman... you know what is necessary in order to preserve life. Most if not almost all people who conceal carry obey law's thats why they carry in the first place, to defend themselfs against those who don't follow those same laws.

    Currently I fall under the exemptions, but I won't forever. I think it's BS that there are diffrent classes of Americans in our society when it comes to carrying of weapons. It really bothers me that people can't see the same picture I see when it comes to gun control and self defense. Criminals are going to be criminals. They have been around since the begining of time. Why would you prevent someone from defending oneself? It simply makes no since. :banghead: I think its awesome what those people are doing to protect there community. I would do the same. You do what is right even if it is seen as wrong by some (anti-gun). Why? because it is the right thing to do. Cop's can't be everywhere nor should they.

    Ok, I'll get off my soap box... :x :rant:
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    It was the one near Cumberland Mall. The company I work for has an office near there so a couple of us usually go over for lunch on double-stamp Tuesday.