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Please vote tomorrow

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If you haven't already done so, please remember to vote tomorrow. As you consider this, I'd like to take the liberty of reminding you of the following:

  • An "official" unemployment rate of about 10%
    A real/discouraged worker unemployment of nearly 20%
    The 'Stimulus'
    The Guantanamo detention center is still open
    Current deficit is over $13 trillion (an unfathomable amount of money)
    Bowing down to leaders from: Japan, Saudi Arabia, etc.
    Tim Geithner
    Too big to fail
    The UN Small Arms Treaty
    Elaine Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor
    Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi
    Chrysler/GM vs. Ford
    Apologizing to Al Jazeera
    Apologizing to Europeans
    The handling of the BP spill
    Jobless recovery (?)
    Iran (probably) has nukes
    North Korea has nukes
    The federal lawsuit accusing Arizona of 'racial profiling'
    The "guns and religion" comment
    Charlie Crist
    Van Jones

If you're uncomfortable with this, please remember that you have a voice in the matter...
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Not to mention that the current Administration considers those that do not agree with their politics as "Enemies and should ride in the back of the bus"
Yes--remember what we've heard so far--listen to this and figure it out for yourself:

It's almost difficult to listen to this.
Call me over-eager. I voted a few weeks ago.

In any event, YES, if you've not yet voted, get out there and do so. Even of you think "your" candidate is a sure bet, the greater the margin, the less opportunity there is for someone else to steal the election (and I use that term advisedly). Great margins also serve to send an even clearer message.

I'm anticipating a much happier day tomorrow and Wednesday than I had two and four years ago, though also recognizing that this is a beginning and not an end. In two more years, I have no doubt that there will be even more people that must be brought to reckon for their actions.
I'm with Livesounder, I voted on the day after advance voting opened. I've never had to wait in line when doing the advance vote.

I did have to vote "empty holster" though. :(
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