Places that pat down/metal detect you?

Discussion in 'Places Off-Limits' started by GAGunOwner, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. Malum Prohibitum

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    Club Europe? :?

    Personally, I would leave any private business before allowing anyone to lay their hands on me.

    What about NFL games at the stadium in Atlanta?

  2. mzmtg

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    GA Aquarium used wand-type metal detectors last time I was there.
  3. Sharky

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    I know that Hi Fi Buys wands and pats. One line for males and the other for females upon entering.

    Gwinnett arena just uses wands.
  4. gunsmoker

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    Georgia Aquarium

    The Georgia Aquarium has airport-type security now, with the large metal--detecting gates that you have to walk through, and you must put your metal items and all personal effects (cellphone, etc.) in a basket to be manually inspected. All purses, bags, baby strollers, etc. are checked (well, most of them anyway). No lighters or matches are allowed. I guess they don't want somebody lighting a shoe-bomb and spilling all the fishes onto the tourists.

    If you bring something to the checkpoint that is not "illegal" but merely prohibited by their own rules and policies, (like a pocket knife) they will allow you to leave it at the security station, and they will give you a claim ticket for it. You can pick it up later on your way out. I checked my pistol magazine and the loose round that came from my gun's chamber. I told 'em that I always keep a gun with me for protection, but since I knew I couldn't bring it in here, I locked it in my car, and I further told them that since I didn't want some crackhead or vagrant to obtain a loaded and working pistol if he broke into my car, I thought it was safer to take the rounds with me. They just checked it as if it were a pocketknife-- no big deal.
  5. Broadside Bob

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    Sadly, I'd say that's a good thing given the way DeKalb has changed in the last 20 years. Of course, metal detectors or not, you couldn't carry legally there anyway (sporting event and school function).
  6. gunsmoker

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    Two Points

    1-- The "school zone" law, 16-11-127.1, has its own list of exemtions which is not as broad as the list found at 16-11-130. Most government agents and office-holders are NOT exempted unless they are on duty or otherwise conducting the State's business in that school zone.

    But the 130 code section says that it applies to all Georgia's gun laws found from 125-129, and that seems to include 127 and 127.1. I don't know the answer. One day a court will tell us. I'll argue that if you're on the exempted list for EITHER code section, then you're OK. I don't know if cops, prosecutors, judges, juries, and appellate courts will go along with me on that.

    2-- Even IF you are not breaking any state laws by carrying a gun to a football game, the people who own that property or are managing the event have the authority to ban you, or your weapon, from the premises. Just because they can't arrest you and seize your gun as evidence to prosecute you with in court doesn't mean that you have a "right" to carry in a place where they don't want you carrying.
  7. jrm

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    Re: Two Points

    I doubt that such a case ever will be tried, so I doubt we'll ever get that court opinion.
  8. Biscuitsjam

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    My thought is that 16-11-130 does not give off-duty military personnel the right to carry on school grounds. There is a common law principle that if two laws apparently conflict, the law should be interpreted in such a way that none of the language is meaningless.

  9. gunsmoker

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    Ga Gun Owner: How about an exempt person who is listed in 16-11-130 who carries a gun contrary to some Georgia gun law found in some other section of the Code, not between 16-11-126 and 16-11-128?

    What if an off-duty police officer leaves his weapon in the trunk of his car when visiting a jail or prison, but the parking lot is within the "guard lines" of that institution? (See 42-4-13). How about if a Marine, active duty but home on leave or with a pass, carries a firearm into a Greyhound bus terminal (See 16-12-127-- that's Title 16, Chapter 12, not Chapter 11)?

    I would like the exemptions in 16-11-130 explicitly broadened by the legislature to include all places where the possession of a gun would otherwise be forbidden according to state law, and that if the legislature at some point in the future wants to ban such persons from carrying in a certain place, that the law criminalizing that conduct SPECIFICALLY state that it applies even to permit holders, off-duty police officers, and others who have a general exception from Georgia's gun laws under 16-11-130.