Pizza Hut Fires Worker Who Shot at Robbers

Discussion in 'In the News' started by Malum Prohibitum, Jun 15, 2007.

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    I might "come under fire" for this comment here, but while I wholeheartedly agree with the worker's right to bear arms and to use em in this instance, the video bothers me. It certainly appears he should have fired on these turds while his life was in danger, but it also seems like he ran out the door and fired on them while they were running away in the parking lot.

    Ok, so this is a "moral" judgment and not a legal one on my part. These two turds deserved 4 or 5 well placed rounds apiece for committing a felony with a firearm, etc. But, once they've fled and are running away in a public parking lot with their backs to me and no longer a threat, I'd have a hard time pulling the trigger. While I'd not shed a tear for either of them taking a few in the back, it just doesn't seem responsible to subject the innocent public in the area with flying lead in that instance.

    Just my .02

    Ducking and covering! :-({|= :shakehead: :bsflag:

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    I concur with larryg2. There was no need to run TO the door and start shooting.
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    Also agree, kind of;

    I know that area (Americana & Oak Ridge) pretty well. Did a lot of work around there. Not the kind of place you see in Disney ads.
    Things have gotten more or less "out of hand" on armed robberies around here. I know I wouldn't work fast food or any other retail outlet in this town without back-up. Businesses are getting hit daily. This one only got a lot of airplay because the manager shot at them.

    On a side note. The Sheriff, Kevin Beary, won't press charges if the shooting is even remotely legal. Good man. Also a good man is the #2 in OCSD, Malone Stewart. I've known him forever, from back when we both worked at a lumber yard.
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    I'm glad the guy lit up the goblins, and he's to be commended for it, but I have no problem with him being fired for violating company policy.

    I also have no problem with an employee who is injured or killed because an employer prevents them from defending themselves being sued for anything the employee or family can get.

    This could potentially be fixed by protecting companies from potential lawsuits if they allow employees to legally carry. If everyone at the job is packin', Joe Psycho doesn't have much chance of causing a mass casualty incident.