Pizza Delivery Guy in Dekalb/Stone Mtn

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    Didn't see this in the news...

    I just finished talking with a customer. Her son was a delivery driver for Papa Johns and was carjacked and shot about a week ago. Shot in the stomach. He is currently in the hospital recovering. He is expected to make a full recovery in about a year. Should take several surgeries.

    He was unable to find an address, pulled over and parked in an apartment complex parking lot to call the customer. About the time his phone was ringing three guys were approaching the car. He saw one look at his cell phone and mistakingly thought it was the customer. When he rolled down the window he was greated with a gun in the face. They made him get out continually yelling not to look at him. When he got out they tried to make him get in the trunk. Fortunately for him it was a Cavelier and he is over 6 feet tall. Couldn't get in. So they shot him in the stomach and left him for dead.

    He was able to put his cell phone in his pocket while getting out of the car. This may have saved his life. He made a call and was able to get to the hospital fairly quick.

    So a 21yo College senior will have to delay his last year of college for at least a Semester while he heals. Essentially for a couple of Pizzas. The car was found not far away, and the only thing missing was the Pizza. What kind of animals eat Pizza after shooting someone? I guess violence makes for a good appetite.

    I'm suprised that this wasn't in the paper or news. Makes me wonder how many of these violent criminal acts go unreported in the news. It seems like that is all I see when I watch the news.

    So be on the lookout for 3 black youths in the 17-20 age range approaching your vehicle in the Stone Mtn area. You may be their next target. I can only hope. :twisted:

    Maybe the news doesn't report black on white crime?
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    Ofcourse they don't. If they did, then they would be accused of being racist.

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    I am willing to bet many violent crimes as these go on and arent covered by the press! If they did, I could only assume a mass hysteria!

    Well maybe not that bad but you get the point.

    Always carry, always pay attention and live life.